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Daily Paint 15 – Dragon sketch

dragon speed paint

20 minute dragon sketch. Wanted to spend longer but I have to get up early tomorrow.

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Still Life 3 – I can BEAR-ly stand this skull

bear skull skull bear face bear

From now on, every still life painting will have stomach turning punny title.

A still life study of a bear skull I saw at a zoo. 30 minutes is not enough time to paint something as complex as this. I should of done a cool down and done some blending.

Dragon Saturday is approaching…..

I just plum forgot to do a Still life yesterday. Sorry about that :(. Also I noticed I have some comments. I promised to respond tomorrow morning.

Feedback is welcome 🙂

Dragon Saturday is.. wait.. I already said that..

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Daily Painting No.70 – Comp Studies of Master Painters (Day 1)

comp studies master painters, ingres bouguereau gerome sargent turner vermeer

My ‘assignment’ for the composition and design workshop I took on As I mentioned in a previous post, the workshop has helped me see new possibilities, concepts and ideas when setting up my compositions.  The assignments are in three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These assignments are optional, I am not being graded. BUT it think its would be wise for me to complete all three of them. The first assignment is 10 studies of 10 masters of you choice at 10 minutes each. Turn them into the forum. Then paint about 90 more. 100 comp studies total. My goal is to do about 30 to 40 in the next few days. Then I will return to my still life rock paintings and paint a dragon or two.I will then spread out the remaining studies throughout the next couple weeks. I enjoyed painting these. A teacher once told me that if you block in your painting in masses, you should be able to tell if a painting will work or not within ten minutes. After painting this studies, I can see that this is very true.

Photoshop, 10 minutes each.

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Daily Painting No.69 – Gryphon Drinking

gryphon drinking your troubles away

This poor gryphon has had a rough time. Dare you sit with him and hear his woes? I’ve have this fascination with giving the animals I paint human like feelings. The question is can I a make the viewer feel sorry for a monster? I painted this entirely out of my imagination, no references. I didn’t even do any thumbnail sketches. It is also one of my first back lighting comps.

I postponed my rock still life painting because I am taking a composition workshop at My next three daily paintings will be my homework assignments. I’ve already seen improvements in my work taking this workshop. I’m now thinking of important design concepts while I’m painting and not leaving anything to ‘chance’. every stroke on my canvas means something. It’s also a relief to know I don’t have to paint every detail in a painting, and what I should focus my attention to. If I get my focal points set up correctly, I do not need to do much to the falloff, and my painting will still look finished.

1 hour; Painted from scratch in photoshop.

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Daily Painting No.56 – I’m gonna toast ya!!


Wait for it.. I painted a daily painting… WITHOUT A DRAGON IN IT!.. and the painting is.. IN COLOR!!!.. please don’t faint, I’m too lazy to catch you.  And yet I still made the monster able to breath fire.. go figure. 🙂 I stole the glowing fire tummy idea from the Hobbit movie, who in turn blatantly ripped off from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. :O. Originally the monster was going think like the Hulk.. you know “ME HULK SMASH PUNY MAN” . But then I ADDED COLOR, so I need to make the picture more interesting. So I made it think more like the Hulk. you know “Me HULK BURN PUNY MAN! I SAY THAT’S SMASHING!” Did I mention that I painted it in color? This painting was purely out of my imagination. Photoshop. Time spent 1 hour 10 min. Done be surprised if I continue this painting on Saturday. I also painted this in color.

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Daily Painting No.54 – Stuck between a rock and a hard place

warrior confronting a dragon dragon has upper hand concept art painting

I just wasn’t in the mood to do a still life or a study so. I painted this. I went with a friend to a lake that was made by creation of a dam. It inspired me paint this. A knight has to climb this dam like structure but there is a dragon waiting for him at the very top. Self Critique: Still very rough. Has potential to become a good painting. I’m getting better with making texture brushes. Remove middle horn on helmet as it looks stupid. If I continue this painting I will need to research some waterfalls.

Painted from scratch from my imagination using Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Drawing tablet. Time Spend 1 hour and 15 minutes

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Daily Painting No.25 – Snowy Mountains

snowy mountain pic

I painted a snowy mountain scene. I had trouble balancing the painting, both compositional and light wise. after a hour and a half, I knew I needed to let go. I need to put a person, creature, or something on the slope on the lower right. Although there isn’t much, this painting a color painting, most of my previous paintings are gray scale with a tone added. Painted in photoshop. Time Spent :One and a half hour