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A Unlikely Friendship (WIP)

beast friend girl unlikely jungle forest abandon ruins trees take over

This is artwork I am working on for my advanced drawing class. The theme is “Animal/Plant Hybrid”. Since values have been something my instructor wanted me to work on, I really tried to push the entire range in this painting. I love the trees that have taken over the ruins and have grown on top of them. I wanted to do a painting with that idea in mind. I included a plant monster and a woman into the painting to give it a narrative element.  I will be doing two versions of this painting.   The first one is finishing up this digital drawing into a finished painting. The second will be doing a charcoal version of this. I upload my progress as I go. 3 hours of work so far.

In the near future.I will resume my daily paintings project for a couple months . however , I must do homework first this week. I will be doing some quick 30min art studies for my online workshop class i am taking. BUT on the creative end I will be working on this painting for class, a Hobbit fan art/parody and a commission of a lizard warrior armed with a halberd, ready to open up a can.

A busy week for sure. I hope I can survive.


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Daily Painting No.77 – Alex Hawkenstone Ch.2 Illustration

alex hawkenstone fantasy illustration 2

This is the most complex illustration I have created so far. This is for the second chapter of my story. Each chapter gets a accompanying illustration. Each chapter draft and accompanying illustration has a week deadline. I get as much done as I can each week and move on. I am basically doing this to get used to deadlines again. Most of my past projects have been at a self pace. It’s time to get used too being thrown into a fire. I probably wont upload the text for a couple months. I need to find a writer that can help me  with proof reading (Andytallman was kind enough to help me out with the first chapter). The illustrations will be uploaded every Sunday, finished or unfinished.

Now that I have rambled on a entire paragraph lets talk about this illustration. Noticed the bird creature? I made a concept sculpt of it not too long ago. It was on of my many references for this illustration. My main focus of this illustration was how to use focal fallout. I wouldn’t consider this painting finished but it is somewhat stable due to cleaning the edges and putting most of the detail in the focal points. (cleaning your edges works wonders on focal points) I spent about 5 hours on this. I had to get past a barrier to paint this, since this is a complex action shot. I haven’t done one this complex before. So I stalled way too much. But I got over it. Art is a mind game.

What do you think?

Photoshop with a drawing tablet. 5 hours.

update: There was a too much open space on the sides so I cropped it in a little bit.

update 2: cleaned up the image a bit more.

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Daily Painting No. 61 – Alexis and the Sea Monster (Super duper rough edition)

sea mosnter attack couple

I am so tired I just couldn’t paint for long. I mad the mistake to start painting late again. In it’s current state a doodle for my story project Alexis. I didn’t get as far. I didn’t even get to render the water. 50 Minutes, Painted from scratch in Photoshop on a walcom tablet. Btw my first chapter with accompany illustration will be uploaded tomorrow.

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The Babysitter – Finished Painting


I made so many mistakes, I had to fix and refine it. I learned a valuable lesson about painting. Step away from your painting and leave it alone for a while. I would of caught the stupid mistake long before.  The cat and the dragon in the same plane didn’t work. The painting needed a foreground so I moved the cat forward. Added atmosphere between the dragon and cat. the stupid ‘fog bar’ was too strong so I removed it. The painting was too open so I cropped it a bit. I also blended in more of the painting. I make my lines too big, next time after I get enough of the paint on. I will be tossing the line layer altogether. Something I must keep in mind. I felt I could of saved time if I would of worked the sketches out more and not just jumped into painting.  Fortunately, I was able to save this illustration. I won’t make the same mistake next time.

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Monstrous squid attacking two sea divers

monstourious squid attacking two divers underwater

When I started this painting, the central character was something totally different and the setting was in Egypt. I wasn’t satisfied so I continued to change the image to a underwater scene with a vicious squid. It was fun to draw the details. Apparently they *Almost* made it to the surface..

Title: Monstrous Squid Attacking Two Sea Divers
Copyright 2013 Maugryph
Tools Used: Photoshop
Time Taken: 4 hours

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Who’s Catching Who? (Giant Octopus Attacks Fisherman from Behind)

giant octopuss attacks boat anthro bear critter in boad fisherman fishing turbulant water

Click artwork to see a full sized version.

Yesterday I had terrible artist block and it took me about 4 hours of frustration staring a image just to be unsatisfied to just to start over. Finally a hour before I needed to go to bed, this  wild silly image appeared (yes that was a Pokemon reference, I’ve had too much caffeine).  I envisioned this little bear fishing on a boat, minding his own business when suddenly a octopus attacks from behind. I’m getting more comfortable with value painting as in the past I created my artwork mostly in line like a comic strip. The reason I have been avoiding color in my value paintings is that color has little effect on value. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof. I want to make sure I understand value %100 before even attempting color in this format. That’s why many professional concept artists put a desaturation layer on top of their paintings to check their color values!

Name of Painting: Who’s Catching Who? (Giant Octopus Attacks Fisherman from Behind)
Copyright 2013 Maugryph
Painted in Autodesk Sketchbook  6
This value painting took about 3 hours

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The Gift (Chinese Fantasy Cityscape)

chinese cityscape fantasy tradition style buildings concept artwork painting woman getting gift artwork artist black and white

Please click the image to see a larger more detailed image

I wanted to try a landscape story painting of a subject I haven’t tried yet. I decided to try a city with a heavy Chinese influence in the architecture. The painting took about 8 hours to complete, it was painted in sketchbook pro. I add a lot of little story elements in the picture for the viewer to enjoy, which also helped take the monotony out of painting details and actually makes it enjoyable. Orignally the person on the right was going to be a boy in traditional Chinese outfit, but I changed it to a girl instead. The falcon at first wasn’t glowing nor transparent originally but I found that it blended too much in the buildings so I tried lighting it up and it worked. My love for chiaroscuro has no end.