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Daily Paint 35 – Hand study

hand study

I need to do some more serious studies every once in a while

Image I used as a reference:

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Character 3 (Wip) part 2


Still working on this. It’s been hard to focus the last couple days. I will attempt to finish it tomorrow.

Note to self: starting with a big brush and after every pass shrinking the brush size by half a very effective method. Last brush size is 10

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Select Studies for ‘Message to the Sea’ Drawing

Out of the 6 studies and 50 thumbnails I did for my drawing, these two are my best.

For the eel drawing i used a photo from Wikipedia as a reference. The time it took to draw: 30 minutes

For the sea monster, I drew it from my imagination. I did about 9 variations  and picked the one I though was the best to refine. Time Spent: 2 hours

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Daily Painting No. 75 – Study of Jean Leon Gerome’s “The Pelt Merchant of Cairo”

jean leon gerome study

Instead of doing four comp studies at 10 minutes each, I decided to instead to slow down and just work on one study for 40 minutes. It’s been a looooong day. This is a study of The pelt merchant of Cairo by Jean Leon Gorome, a master french painter who lived in the 1800s.¬† His paintings are fantastic.

A little under 40 minutes

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Daily Painting No.70 – Comp Studies of Master Painters (Day 1)

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My ‘assignment’ for the composition and design workshop I took on As I mentioned in a previous post, the workshop has helped me see new possibilities, concepts and ideas when setting up my compositions.¬† The assignments are in three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These assignments are optional, I am not being graded. BUT it think its would be wise for me to complete all three of them. The first assignment is 10 studies of 10 masters of you choice at 10 minutes each. Turn them into the forum. Then paint about 90 more. 100 comp studies total. My goal is to do about 30 to 40 in the next few days. Then I will return to my still life rock paintings and paint a dragon or two.I will then spread out the remaining studies throughout the next couple weeks. I enjoyed painting these. A teacher once told me that if you block in your painting in masses, you should be able to tell if a painting will work or not within ten minutes. After painting this studies, I can see that this is very true.

Photoshop, 10 minutes each.