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Character 3 (Wip) part 2


Still working on this. It’s been hard to focus the last couple days. I will attempt to finish it tomorrow.

Note to self: starting with a big brush and after every pass shrinking the brush size by half a very effective method. Last brush size is 10

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Select Studies for ‘Message to the Sea’ Drawing

Out of the 6 studies and 50 thumbnails I did for my drawing, these two are my best.

For the eel drawing i used a photo from Wikipedia as a reference. The time it took to draw: 30 minutes

For the sea monster, I drew it from my imagination. I did about 9 variations  and picked the one I though was the best to refine. Time Spent: 2 hours

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Daily Painting No. 75 – Study of Jean Leon Gerome’s “The Pelt Merchant of Cairo”

jean leon gerome study

Instead of doing four comp studies at 10 minutes each, I decided to instead to slow down and just work on one study for 40 minutes. It’s been a looooong day. This is a study of The pelt merchant of Cairo by Jean Leon Gorome, a master french painter who lived in the 1800s.  His paintings are fantastic.

A little under 40 minutes

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Daily Painting No.70 – Comp Studies of Master Painters (Day 1)

comp studies master painters, ingres bouguereau gerome sargent turner vermeer

My ‘assignment’ for the composition and design workshop I took on As I mentioned in a previous post, the workshop has helped me see new possibilities, concepts and ideas when setting up my compositions.  The assignments are in three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These assignments are optional, I am not being graded. BUT it think its would be wise for me to complete all three of them. The first assignment is 10 studies of 10 masters of you choice at 10 minutes each. Turn them into the forum. Then paint about 90 more. 100 comp studies total. My goal is to do about 30 to 40 in the next few days. Then I will return to my still life rock paintings and paint a dragon or two.I will then spread out the remaining studies throughout the next couple weeks. I enjoyed painting these. A teacher once told me that if you block in your painting in masses, you should be able to tell if a painting will work or not within ten minutes. After painting this studies, I can see that this is very true.

Photoshop, 10 minutes each.

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Daily Painting No.41 – Copy of Fierce Dragon Rider – the dragon’s head – Part 1

dragon head study

Something I’ve been needing to improve in my paintings is refinement and clean up. That is usually the advice I get from other digital artist’s critiques.  While wasting my time on the net I found this totally awesome wallpaper of a dragon rider. The marksmanship is exquisite in this painting. I thought that if there is any digital artist’s painting that can teach me about refinement, this one will. I decided to do 2 separate copies of it, the rider in a robe /armor, and his dragon companion. Every other day will will be working on this copy . I only had a hour to work on it thus I didn’t get too far. I will try to get farther on Thursday. Looks like I will need to move the jaw up a bit. I’m still up in the air if I’m going to attempt color.

The portion of the original painting I’m studying on the left,  my copy of the painting on the right.

dragon study

BTW. if you know the actual artist’s name who painted this, please tell me. the artwork was obviously cropped to make a wallpaper and most likely lost the artist’s name in the process. Why do people do such stupid things?

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Daily Painting No.14 (Gandalf the Grey)

gandalf gandorf ian mckellen film study artwork painting

I have been wanting to paint Gandalf (played by Ian McKelley, who appears to have no problem showing his underwear on stage) since I watched the Hobbit last week. One of my more challenging paintings so far. Due to the fact it its a well known actor so I have to get his likeness down to near precision.And also because I had chosen a ref with BACK LIGHTING! I reworked the nose and eyebrows over and over again, I was having issues with the nose proportions.. The reference was a still in the Lord of the Rings movie “Fellowship of The Ring’ (I paused the movie when I saw a interesting pose then when looking at the tv screen, I painted it on my computer).

Update: self critique: The eyebrows are still too dark and need to be lighted up (tried to fix it). the left side  of his face needs a bit more light. Any feedback is appreciated

Painted in Photoshop. Time Taken 1 hour and 30 minutes

Speaking of the Hobbit. Although the the movie in my opinion was very  enjoyable, it was obviously stretched out causing the the film to slow down to a crawl in places. This Two hour and forty five minute movie could of easily been cut down to about a hour and a half. Added content like Radagast’s epic adventures, and the dwarves’ battle with the giant golmes in the misty mountains feels tacked on.  Truthfully the entire book could of been done in ONE three hour movie ( I read the book, it is short and sweet at a brisk 300 pages). It’s like Peter Jackson wanted to relive his glory LOTR days. Ian McKellen and Martin Freeman’s performances alone make it worth watching.

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My Watercolor Studies of Kekai Kotaki

As previously stated, I would start doing study paintings. A study painting is when a artist studies another artist’s painting in a attempt to understand what makes that painting work,how that artist composed the image, and even what techniques that artist used. It is the best tool for a artist to lean and is similar to a singer practicing a popular song. Currently I am focusing on Guild Wars 2 artist Kekai Kotaki, a artist I just recently discovered a month ago. What makes his art appealing to study is that all his digital paintings have a ”less is more” functionality and are very well composed.

Instead of painting it digitally like the originals, I attempted to paint them in traditional watercolor cakes. I learn ALLOT doing this. Soon I will be able to do watercolor sketches live in the field.

each painting is between 30 to 45 minutes and use color pencils in some areas that needed detail.