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Daily Paint 30 – Furball


Made it to 30 days in a row!! Yay for me. You probably expected a pokemon.. sorry about that.. oh what the heck… Have some pokemonz!

More hair practice. It was a more of a practice of frustration. I will try again in the future. Sorry for the boring painting. I will do something interesting tomorrow.

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Vandal (Daily Doodle)


Daily Doodle for Sunday. This is a I mean this is a Vandal. One of the enemies in Destiny. Vandals are one of the most common enemies in the game. You shoot allot of them. You could mock him by calling him 4 eyes and he wouldn’t even be offended. I even shoot them in my dreams. This was good practice because I haven’t drawn futuristic armor before.  I will probably sketch the other enemy races in the future. Reference was official promotional shots for the game.

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Color Study (Gerome – Arab Caravan)

gerome arab caravan study painting reproduc

This was a hard study. Not the actual painting BUT the fact that my laptop broke and I had to do most of this on a iPad. Thankfully I was able to finish this on a friend’s computer but he didn’t have Photoshop on it so I used a little paint program called myPaint. It took a little adapting as it didn’t have nearly the same amount of customization as Photoshop brushes. But I like it. myPaint has a infinite canvas, a strange thing for a raster painting program to have.

The coolest thing I have learned from these studies so far is that the painters never use pure black or white in the shadows or highlights. Instead the painter will use a complementary color or a grey tone. there will always be some bounce (or fill) light in the shadow that is the sky’s color or of  a close by object.

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Color Studies (Color Workshop)

waterhouse---the-lady-of-sharlet-study-3 bouguereau---little-theives-study4

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks. I am so busy I am loosing my mind. :O

Color studies I have done for a online Color Class. The Waterhouse study (my first one) is rather lame but I am somewhat pleased with the improvement I made with the Bougereau Study. I started to see color better.  I had a third one finished but my laptop broke and I have to start that one over 😦 Two down, four to go.

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Art Study 1- Dragon breathing fire

dragon art study

I’m a bit burned out with drawing still life. I will be doing some quick studies/copies of artists that I admire and paintings I find cool. Feel free to give feedback.  40 minutes

Mistakes that I made: Left leg to thick, leg is too small, snout is either too long or needed to be cover by the flame. Highlight on neck needs to be stronger. Forgot to draw background

Original painting is copyrighted by a artist who’s signature is too hard to read.

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Still Life 7 – Light up the night

flashlight painting still life erre paint lihgt portrait

This still life was more of a challenge for me. It was a oddly shaped flash light. I didn’t set up the still life in my studio, so there is no fill lighting and whatnots. It just painted it on my friend’s kitchen table. Rendering the reflectivity in the glass was fun, but I didn’t get it a 100%, I will try another glass study such as this in the future. I spent about a hour painting this. I painted this from scratch in Photoshop using a wacom tablet.

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Daily Painting No.52- Tom Kidd Copy/Study Revisited

tom kidd copy study

I wanted to work some more on the study. I didn’t feel like drawing a still life today. Honestly, I didn’t want to paint at all. Since this I my first color study of a artist, I was surprised how well I did. I think this is it for this painting, I have no interest in continuing.   I studied a painting by Tom Kidd. Painted from scratch in Photoshop using a wacom tablet. Time spent, A little under two hours. My next study will be quick color thumbnail studies of a bunch of paintings by one artist. I saw a fellow artist on WordPress study this way so I want to give it a shot.

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Daily Painting No.50 – Tom Kidd Tank City Copy


I’ve painted daily for 50 days in a row. Wow.

This is a copy/demonstration painting. I have been off and on reading a book called ‘Other Worlds’ by fantasy artist Tom Kidd. He has a few step by step demonstrations on how he paints pictures in oils. I didn’t want to paint in my cold garage so I decided to follow along using Photoshop. I haven’t done a step by step art exercise since I was eight ( you know the ones, make a cat out of a oval,etc) I need to get more comfortable with color in my paintings. First thing I did was look for a Photoshop color swatch library with Winsor and Newton color names so when he asks for Ultramarine Blue, or Burnt Umber I could paint with that exact color in Photoshop. If you would like to download the swatch it is at : I also had a extra Photoshop canvas open to use as a palette to mix colors when requested.

The book itself is terrific. I have been enjoying the book. Kidd shares allot of his techniques and experience into this book. His step by step demonstrations are a bit to broad and could use some further explanation. However, he is very descriptive on what colors he uses and what colors to mix. He also warns not to treat his demonstrations as ‘recipes’.  He recommends copying artists for academic purposes but warns that it can become a crutch if you just copy one artist over and over. In respect to his wishes, I will add something of my own to the picture after I get farther along. But it is what it is, a copy, a academic exercise to improve my painting and nothing more. As for the book I do NOT recommended it for beginners, you need to at least the fundamentals under you belt before even attempting this and honestly he just blitz right past such things. Get the book if you need some inspiration.

I noticed one thing about Kidd’s painting is that he loves Burnt Umber.

I will complete the copy in a couple days. I  have a dragon in a jar to finish first.

If your interested in his book, here is his official website for the book

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Daily Painting No.46 – Study/Copy of Fierce Dragon Rider Dragon Eternity Concept art – the dragon’s head – Finale

fierce dragon rider art study copy dragon

My study of this dragon is done for now. I will be drawing some non dragon things this week, as I over did it with the dragons last week. I learned a ton doing this study/copy. I have a much better understanding on how to paint details, refine, and clean up. these are the observations I made painting this study.

1. the artist uses almost exclusively a round brush for his/her detail work. He’s favorite technique is to set the base mass color and crosshatch with a transparent brush of a similar hue.

2. the artist also blends with the smudge tool, but rarely, most of the smudging was on the neck of the dragon. His preferred method of mixing colors is crosshatching as mention earlier.

3. when adding details, it is best to work the painting as a whole and not get stuck in on area for too long.

4. It appears that the artist used defused lighting. It appears that it is coming a little behind the top right side of the painting, yet there is a sunset behind the dragon!?. there also some blue bounce light coming from below.

5. Working in a larger file size, will give you the ability to generate cleaner lines.

6. Always erase sloppy lines. Works best with a small eraser round brush.

I spend a little over three hours on this study. Painting from scratch in photoshop.

The left is the original artist painting, to the right is the study that I painted. Please feel free to critique and comment.

UPDATE: I FINALLY FOUND THE SOURCE of my study! The image i made a study from is concept art from a game called DRAGON ETERNITY! Thank god. It was driving be batty for months.