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Dark Dragon will Eat You Whole

This is what happens when I get sick and bored at the same time.

A short animation project / test thingy. My first animation in a long time.
I wanted to experiment with rigging animation. I did a quick silly voice of a dragon coughing. Then drew the picture of the dragon in about 10 minutes. Added the bones and moved the dragon vigorously. Since I was new to animating this way. The actual animation process took me about 3 hours. I pretty sure I could be much faster next time. I was a tad delayed with the lip movement but got the laugh and the coughing pretty well.


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Alex Gator running in the City (Post 3d rendering test in photoshop)

gator anthro scalie running in city humaniod alligator

More 3D fun 😀

I use Carrara for my 3d modeling needs but I have a issue with the toon shader that comes with it.. its horrible. So as a test I quickly set up a city scene in Sketchup using third party models. Posed my gator running in Cararra, went into Photoshop, combined the images, and created my own Toon shading effect using multiple filters. I also tried a FOV look to the render.

For the Alex and Cruz project,I’m actually going to make my own buildings from scratch using Sketchup . Since 3D warehouse’s TOS is as clear as mud, I’m too afraid to use any of the models available there for commercial purposes.  I’m OK with using here since it’s just a simple test. Awhile back I made my own models as a ref for a oriental style cityscape I painted and it worked very well.

Tools Used: Carrara, Sketchup. Buildings from 3D Warehouse