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My Watercolor Studies of Kekai Kotaki

As previously stated, I would start doing study paintings. A study painting is when a artist studies another artist’s painting in a attempt to understand what makes that painting work,how that artist composed the image, and even what techniques that artist used. It is the best tool for a artist to lean and is similar to a singer practicing a popular song. Currently I am focusing on Guild Wars 2 artist Kekai Kotaki, a artist I just recently discovered a month ago. What makes his art appealing to study is that all his digital paintings have a ”less is more” functionality and are very well composed.

Instead of painting it digitally like the originals, I attempted to paint them in traditional watercolor cakes. I learn ALLOT doing this. Soon I will be able to do watercolor sketches live in the field.

each painting is between 30 to 45 minutes and use color pencils in some areas that needed detail.