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Catcher the Dragon, with unfinished paintings, and other sketches

catcher dragon wings character

I have this habit of of working on more then one painting at a time, as it was recommended to me by a artist to help me take a deep breath from a painting and return to it with fresh eyes . However the bad part is that I don’t complete them all. For example is this painting of Catcher, her hands need fixing and no background. Here is a collection of paintings that I will probably never finish that have been hanging on my hard drive for a month or so.   One of a bad pun ‘jumping the gun’. There is some concept art for Alec’s dragon form, some kid stupid enough to read a book to a dragon, Chris as a Team Fortress 2 engineer, A failed attempt at vector art, and a sketch I just started painting but forgot it even existed, which is just as well. I draw enough dragons already.

I didn’t upload any of the failed environment speed paintings. I was originally going to draw 30 landscape speed paintings in a month. But after about 6 of them, I felt that the exercise wasn’t useful to me at this time and that it would be better just to draw a bunch of thumbnails, pick the best and make a actual finished painting out of it, like I did with the Chipayoa Temple Illustration. I becoming more interested in painting illustrations then concept art.  Any input is welcome.

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A unfinished dragon painting, Some doodles, unfinished TF2 art, and a cool animated icon

blue dragon wip wings

A bunch of random stuff that I thought I would lump together instead of doing many posts. I haven’t been able to finish a painting in a while. I just have all these unfinished paintings cluttering my harddrive.

First is this unfinished blue dragon that I have been working on and off and finally decided to just upload it as is. I used the Millennial Dragon as a reference for the painting and it shows.  That’s why I stopped painting it. the other dragon is just a random doodle of a dragon.

The Next painting TF2 fanart that I got bored of. I had this crazy image of the Medic turning the Sniper into a crocodile due to his croc-o-style accessories. Its was a silly idea anyway.

My final images it a cool little animated icon I use with my DA account. unfortuanly since it is one of the few sites that accepts animated avatars, I can only use it there.

Update: um I posted this on my main art blog instead of my sketch blog.  Maybe doing two blogs at once isn’t the best idea….

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Monster Doodle


A really rapid doodle of some sort monster, I don’t know what it is, maybe is a cthulhu cross breaded with some peacock grasshopper thing. I was hoping to a to do a dozen of these doodles today but I was playing DisHonored and lost track of time, and had only a 20 minutes before bedtime. Tomorrow after work I will get more done and combine it into one gallery post.