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Various Paintings and Drawings

First Drawing was a commission to draw a person’s  crocodile sona

Second Drawing is a rejected character drawing  for  my CTNx portfolio

Third Drawing is myself being a downer. Garchomp.

Forth drawing is a crappy painting with Ho-oh, Entei, Suicune, and Raikou that I spent way too much time on. I pushed anthropomorphism of these characters a bit too far this time.

Fifth drawing is also a commission of a buff night fury family based on a client’s dream.

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16 Minute Dragon Speed Painting

I been wanting to record my speed paint sessions for a long time. Finally found a way to record myself painting in photoshop. So here is my first ’15 min’ speed paint (I went over a minute :0). It it played in real time. I decided to draw something I find easy.. a dragon. I find it funny that although I draw dragons only 10% of the time ( sketch mostly animals at my local zoo and the models in my life drawing class I’m attending), It’s what I upload to the blog 90% of the time 😀 I love to draw dragons. ‘Real’ dragons such as alligators, iguanas, and monitor lizards are just as fun to draw 🙂 Snakes are also awesome to draw as well although I must admit snakes kinda creep me out. 😉 I will upload my zoo sketches soon. I just been so busy to have time to upload them:(. In fact I had this video done four days ago. It’s been chilling on youtube. I just got the time post it here. I won’t torture you with my silly ambient music this time :\

dragon speed paint how to tutorial dragon breath fire

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Dragon Marker Speed Sketch with Demonstration Video

I was asked previously to show my sketching process. I decided to draw something that I draw often for practice and that is a dragon’s head. The demonstration is in real time and not sped up. I drew completely out of my imagination. The video runs for around 19-20 minutes and features some strange ambient music I created using Nodebeat. I am thinking of uploading some more demonstrations (perhaps my digital painting process if I ever can save up for FRAPS) and even some tutorials in the future.

The markers I used are : A Ultra Fine Sharpie, Sketch and Wide Copic markers W3, and a cool gray set of Spectrim Noir alcoholic markers.

Here is the finished sketch:

dragon marker demo