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Alptraum won a prize at the “2015 Indie Game Maker Contest”

happy monster alptraum

Last month my game Alptraum won a prize at the ‘2015 Indie Game Making Contest’ (Humble Bundle and Degica Inc (Game Dev Fort)

Alptraum won “Best game made with GameGuru”

I am surprised and very honored to win this prize,  this was my first finished 3d game. I made most of the assets and learned scripting in Lua, designing the levels, even writing the soundtrack to the game.. in three weeks.

Modeling, rigging, and importing a 3d game character into a 3d game for the first time was a challenging and rewarding part of the project.I was determined to finish this game, staying up to 3-4 am almost every night until the game was done.

At first the game play was going to be ‘Myst with a monster’, but due to time restraints the game play became more like an ‘arcade Slenderman.

You can download the game at:!

Alptraum is about 20-40 minutes long and completely free with no DLCs and IAPs! Windows 7-10 and a decent video card is required for best performance.

Special thanks to my family for their support, my friends JD and Dan for testing the game, Degica and Humble Bundle for sponsoring this annual contest, and The Game Creators for making the GameGuru engine.


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Ntercepton – a faux 3D obstacle avoidance game for Windows

I’ve been working on this small game off and on this year and thought I would unleash it into the wild. It’s inspiration comes from the tunnel segments in the old Starfox game. Programmed in Construct.

This is a faux 3d tunnel game where you guide a sphere around the screen while avoiding obstacles such as tree branches and walls. However to make things more difficult and interesting various the camera lens will get distorted at random times. This is a extreme alpha version of Ntercepton and might have bugs. Game is offered as-is, no warranty.

Things to do

Add a high score board.
Add more levels/ themes
Add coins and other collectables
Remake the game into a true 3D game with Unity?


Arrow keys to move… that’s it.

Min System RequirementsWindows Vista or higher
Dual Core Processor
2 GB ram
Direct X 9 Card

Download Ntercepton Here: