Got a Question?

Got a question for me?  Comment below (It will be private and will not show up on the page), and I will get back to you as soon as I’m able (about a day or two).

You can also send a message to #scheppel# at #gmail# [dot] com. This is the best way to contact me.

If you rather send me a note using  Twitter, or Deviant Art, feel free to do so. (Note: I only check these once a week. Use email if you want a quicker response)


4 thoughts on “Got a Question?”

  1. Hi! During the summer time I asked you, if I could use your daily painting of Smaug (no. 45) for a tattoo. So in January 2015 I will have a “date” with my tattoo artist. I would send you a picture of the tattoo but I have lost your email-adress. So could you give me please your contact? Many greetings, Katharina

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