Quick Horror -A fast paced horror roguelite.

Quick Horror is a first person evasion game with a persistent and clever monster that hunts you down in randomly generated dungeons. Unlike many indie survival horror games, the game is played at a faster pace and you’re not defenseless. Throw daggers at the monster to stop her attacks but keep in mind that daggers are very hard to come by.

The goal of the game is to get to the exit of each floor. Currently there is 7 floors total. A monster is in constant pursuit so you must pay attention to your surroundings. After level three you will be awarded one dagger per floor. You can hold a max of 3-5 at a time depending on mode of difficulty. The game features some rogue like elements including permideath and randomly generated environments.

Current Features:———————————–
23 rooms with variations
One extremely pissed monster
A faster paced survival horror experience, more that just a waking simulator. Has more of an arcade feel to it.

To do list:——————————————–
More rooms. Although is has 23, the game could use more to give it a bit more variety. I would like to get at least 50 rooms total. If I can get funding in the future, it would be increased to a 100 with a hand-made campaign.
More monsters.
Traps that the player needs to avoid.
Add random graphic patches to the environment to give each room it’s own feel
High scores saved online to a leaderboard
Difficulty settings
A better intro and ending then just text
A better name then ‘Quick Horror’
Add a leaderboard for floor level.
Options menu.

This is pre-released beta footage. Gameplay and artwork are subject to change.