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Dragon Album Cover Art


Artwork I have created for a upcoming album. I will provide links to my when it is published on the site. My music will be free to listen to / download.

I didn’t have time to paint the monster today. It took longer then expected to upload my albums to Bandcamp.

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Knots and Loose Ends (Album)

My first music project. I have been messing around with writing songs for years yet, I haven’t undertaken a musical project of songs before. I worked on the album for a month in March of this year yet was too nervous to upload it to the interwebs. Knots and Loose Ends is a collection of chilled ambient electonica music. I even attempted (with a emphasizes of attempted) to sing on a couple of them (no worries, included the non vocal versions as well.  Note, I am a amateur and a hobbyist with writing music.  Although I am not a total stranger to the craft as I was taught in school how to play trumpet and basic music theory for five years, I am certainly not a pro and don’t clam such a title. I wrote the album for fun. I have uploaded to Bandcamp, and you can listen and download it for free.  Like my art, feedback is always welcome.

I learned alot from this project, and hopefully my next music project will be better.

Album cover is also by me

Link to album