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Alex the Alligator (D19)

cartoon gator anthro oc character furry sona

I really wanted to draw one of my favorite old characters. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you have probably seen him a few times. I  went out of my comfort zone and massed (aka blocked in) the shapes without a preliminary line sketch

1+ hour of work which I am ashamed to say is the most I’ve spent on a daily so far this year. Drawn in Manga Studio as always.

I also have a girl named Alix and a dragon named Alex… I need to come up with better names for my characters. Maybe I can rename the gator Chip or something.

Also, what do you think of the redesign of the blog?


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Alex’s Mug


A experimental painting of my dragon Alex. I wanted to fuse more lizard like qualities into him. I might of added too much. I spent too much time revising this painting over and over.  I’m on the fence if I like the redesign or not. I started this with no prelim sketches. Bad move. This is my first painting using Manga Studio 5, so that is probably another reason I spent longer on it. I’ve used MS4 in the past  but MS5 is amazing and has the same photoshop tools I NEED to use and are important in my workflow like masking, selection tools, and transform tools. I hope that it will also let you save tool presets but I haven’t found it yet. I MIGHT just be able to leave Photoshop for good. CC you later Adobe 🙂

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Alex the Dragon Bust (WIP)

sapient dragon man

Alex Dean is a dragon character that has a lead role in our comic Alex and Cruz. I had to take a break from still life paintings. I thought Alex needed a redesign. I wanted to push my design as far as I can. I’m not finished. I am pretty descent at rendering, now I am focusing on the character and the story. I’ve been too focused on just the technical side of painting, I need to make sure I am focusing on the personality as well. He is a sapient dragon, that’s why his eyes are facing forward like a human’s. I’m not too sure on the hair. In the future there will also be a cheetah bust, and a gryphon bust.

About Alex. Alex the dragon is basically exaggerated version of me in the comics, while Cruz the cheetah,is basically my friend and cohort. We have strange conversations, that’s what the entire comic is about. Just having a dragon and a cheetah talking to each over is surreal in itself. I was wanting to switch our characters to humans but JD wanted us to continue to be animals. It give’s me a excuse to draw a dragon, so I’m fine with it.