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Dragon Astronaut (Space Dragon)


Artwork I did for my upcoming album ‘Space Dragon’. This will be the cover art. I might keep it painterly or refine it some more, haven’t decided. I was making a ‘space RPG’ but decided to cancel the project, however, 7 decent songs had already written. I was brainstorming what illustration to make for the album cover. An astronaut being attacked by a dragon t would of been interesting but then I thought ‘why not make a dragon astronaut?’  Artwork was painted in Artrage. What do you think of it?

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Dragon Basking in the Sunset (Commission)

dragon relaxing

A commissioned painting. This was a fun yet challenging commission. I never thought I would do a painting of a dragon that was this peaceful.It had a good amount of foreshortening between the feet and the torso. It was also a lighting experiment with my attempt to paint rim and fill light.

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Daily Painting No.73 – Dragon has a headache

anthro dragon scalie blue naked

Technically I spent two days on this painting. But since I couldn’t bear to paint more comps today, I finished this instead. It was a another experiment to see if I could my blend my 3d modeling skills with my painting skills and make it as seamless as possible.  5 hours . Tools used: Sketchup, Carrara, Photoshop