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The Enderman Slyer


Minecraft fanart. This is about how many enderman must be slain to get to the ender dragon. It’s grindtastic and the only time Minecraft feels like a badly made RPG instead of an addicting sandbox. Playing around in Hexels again

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Color Studies (Color Workshop)

waterhouse---the-lady-of-sharlet-study-3 bouguereau---little-theives-study4

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks. I am so busy I am loosing my mind. :O

Color studies I have done for a online Color Class. The Waterhouse study (my first one) is rather lame but I am somewhat pleased with the improvement I made with the Bougereau Study. I started to see color better.  I had a third one finished but my laptop broke and I have to start that one over 😦 Two down, four to go.