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Eye of Ender is now Hexelriffic


This is a item in Minecraft you create to open a portal that takes you to the final boss. What? You thought Minecraft was just some digital version of legos that has no goals or objectives? Don’t die of shock. Minecraft’s survival mode is a full on game complete with a (very wordy and strange) ending. I made this in Hexel. I just discovered that Hexel is great for making ‘polygonal’ looking art.


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Temple of Shipwor (3d Blocky Model)


I was playing a lot of Minecraft a couple weeks ago and then decided to make a blocky style temple inspired by the end cities. Eventually I gave in and and added angles. Forgive me Notch as I have sinned from the way of the block and are no longer hip. I used Blender to make and render the model.

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Monster Failure (Daily Doodle)


A monster doodle that I dilly dallied too long with. I didn’t get nearly as far as I hoped. because of this I didn’t get to work on the values, so it looks flat 😦 The design reminds me of something  that would fit in Shadow of the Colossus. I’m disappointed with it but feel I learned something so I’m happy.

45 minutes

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Daily Painting No.34 (Alexis action comp)

alexis action comp unfinish

I have been working on a project off and on most of this year, and finally have enough of a direction to start producing it. I will probability finish this painting after I have the characters fleshed out more and It will be a hybrid of a illustrated serial, web comic, short animation sequences (more like storyboards) The main antagonist is a news photographer named Alexis. this comp was made as a idea process. I limited myself to three tones and used the eyedropper to create variations. My goal of starting this is on December 15. I hope to have at least 2 arcs done by December 2014. Time Spent :1 hour, Photoshop