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Temple of Shipwor (3d Blocky Model)


I was playing a lot of Minecraft a couple weeks ago and then decided to make a blocky style temple inspired by the end cities. Eventually I gave in and and added angles. Forgive me Notch as I have sinned from the way of the block and are no longer hip. I used Blender to make and render the model.

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Icy river (Env 17)


Today’s landscape painting. It’s more muddy then my previous paintings. I did add a slight bit of orange in anĀ attempt to give the paintingĀ more life. Ref from Wikimedia Commons.

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Snowy mountains (Env 10)


I am very happy how this painting turned out. I’ve never painted cracked ice before. I can see the value of painting environments everyday.

References use for the study from Wikimedia Commons