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Sea Monster (Daily Doodle 15)

sea monster shark with spike ochys

I thought I would try my hand at another sea monster design. I don’t know if the daily doodle is helping me or not. A year ago I used to dread doing any type of detail into a drawing. Now I might enjoy it too much.  I question if this project is helping me. Maybe I should return to my still life project for a while? I have countless sketches and photos of animals at the zoos I visit, maybe I should draw and paint them? Maybe I should just pick the best doodle from my sketchbook and upload that as the daily doodle instead of making a dedicated one on the computer. I need to plan some more illustrations in the future, because I had a dragon binge drawing for 9 months, my portfolio is littered with them. I need some more variety in what I draw. Even though I was aiming for a shark like design for this creature , it still reminds me of a dragon. Its very frustrating to me. I’ve been sketching animals for just under a year!! Why can I incorporate that into my designs!!?!

1 1/2 hours

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Daily Painting No 86. – Raptor WIP 3


I did some more compositional changes and less painting for this round. I still need to clean it up a bit and get it more balanced. This was Monday’s DP. Today’s DP will be uploaded tonight and will be a original painting because the wacom that I take traveling with me is not working. I have to use my iPad. *chills go down my spine* Heaven help me!  Like I said in my previous post after the 100th painting I will be doing a 100 still life paintings and portraits for a hundred days. I will spend at least 30 minutes on each painting but no more then 2 hours. But don’t worry the still life paintings will NOT be boring things like vases and flowers. It will be of awesome things like Dinosaurs, Sharks and Robots (I use allot of toys in my still life paintings, it gives a adult like me a excuse to play with them). My still life will probably only be of one subject due to time constraints.

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Bird Creature Mount Concept Sculpture

I discovered that concept sculpting is a lot of fun and lets you explore various idea’s rather quickly. I sculpted this entirely out of my imagination with no refs. My inspiration came from the peacocks I sketch at the zoo. They look so flamboyant. I was curious if I could cross a bird with a dinosaur. I was curious what it might look like. This model has some glaring anatomical issues that would need to be fixed if I was going to develop it into a finished sculpture. But since it’s just a reference for a illustration I will be painting soon, I’m not too concerned about fixing it at the moment. Feedback and critiques are always welcome. Sculptris. 3 Hours

Here is a detailed image, just in case you can’t see the turntable video.

concept bird steed mount character creature design


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Daily Painting No.47 – Still Life – Opening up a Jar of Wyrm

dragon in jar can of worms wyrms

It’s been long overdue for a new still life painting. I have this cool little hexagon jar. I have this toy of a horse that I wanted to put in the jar but it didn’t fit due to the jar being so small. Ironically the only toy that would fit in the jar was this cheep dragon toy I paid a dollar for (It isn’t even worth a dollar, honestly). So much for not painting dragons this week. I made some minor changes to the face to give it some personality. I mustered up all my strength to paint this before bed. It’ needs more blending and color mixing…. and yes the title of this painting is a very bad pun 🙂 This might be a painting I should spend some more time on, as it easily could be turned into a illustration.

Painted from scratch in photoshop with a wacom tablet. Time spent so far: 1 hour