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Owl wearing a gas mask (commission)


Icon commission of a owl wearing a gas mask. It was a fun concept to work on.

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Various Icons

Various Icon’s I have been painting for the last week. The Kangaroo Icon was part of the Commission I had done recently. The dragon is my icon. These are sample icons, please do not use them.

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Character Designs – Alex and Cruz

Sorry, I’ve been neglecting my blog. I was busy with commissions for the last few days. I wanted to do some concept art for Alex and Cruz. A comic my friend and I are working on.We are shifting from ‘anthro’ animals to ‘normal’ ones.  My friend Cruz needed a head shot of his character for the comic. I thought I would do a bust for each. Although the final designs will not be as details as this. I enjoy painting details, It’s very therapeutic. Currently Alex is a white dragon, but I have been on the fence about making him a golden dragon. For both characters, I used reference images of my friends and my own face to attempt to inject as much of our personalities into the characters .  the eyes will probably be bigger in the final designs.