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Daily Paint 11 – Charmeleon

charmeleon monster realistic

I struggled with today’s painting. I just couldn’t get it the way that I wanted it. I made him a bit too monstrous.This is charmeleon, charmander’s 2nd evolution, or as I call it, his dorky angry teenage years. I bet you can’t guess what I will paint tomorrow 🙂 then Rayquaza on Friday and Samus Aran on Sat/Sun

art, artwork, daily painting, digital art, fanart, painting, pokemon

Daily Paint 10 – Charmander

charmander realistic dragon flame lighting

Another Pokemon but this time in my own semi realistic style. Tried to paint with a single local light source (the tail) from my head. No refs. Probably should of used one. Time spent unknown : could be from a half hour to a hour.