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Cruze 3d Model WIP

3d chubby character

3d model WIP model for Cruze that ‘other’ protagonist. Cruz is the more spontaneous, easy going type compared to Alex who is all ‘Serious Business'(I can’t believe I quoted a meme, no wonder I am forever alone 🙂 ). In the design process I decided shorts would be the best choice for Cruze to wear, because my friend, rain, snow, or shine will be wearing shorts!  His ancestry must have polar bear genes. The shoes are place holders and will be changed.

Time spent 2 hours.Created in Hexagon, Daz Studio and Photoshop

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Portrait Painting 8, Male, Heavy

cubby guy fuffy male human portrait

I decided to start painting some of the torso as well as the head in my portraits. I think I would give a better all round personality to the subject. And rid of the head just floating in the air. Drew this with a massive headache, so I hope it is somewhat ok.

Created in PhotoshopTime spent 55 minutes
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