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Studying Can be a Monumental Task


A commission I worked on for a client. It was a gift for his friend that is in college.

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Espeonart Samuari (Commission)


I was commissioned by Tofu to draw his espeon character in a samurai outfit. The costume is inspired by Flynn’s outfit in Megami Tensei.

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Dragon Portrait Version 2

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I decided to revisit this painting I did for a client a couple weeks ago. I didn’t want to paint another dragon but I wanted to experiment with creating better scale and horn textures.  This is probably the best dragon painting I have done so far. This will be the final dragon painting for this month unless I get commissioned from a client.

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Cicero the Zebra (Commission)


This is Cicero the Zebra. A commissioned painting. The painting was for a name badge. It was a fun commission. It’s much different then that dragons I have been painting. This is probably the most colors I’ve used in a portrait so far. I usually hold back using this much color in the piece because its quite tricky to pull it off, I think it did a good job a balancing it.