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Studies for Monster 11


The studies I did for Monster 11. I plan on painting an octopus / Oxen hybrid. I enjoyed sketching these. Research can be fun. Forgive my notes. I was sketching these while watching the Magicbox course.

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Faux Movie Poster – Taurancaus


I forgot to post this. It is a faux movie poster painting I did as a final project in one of my art classes. The assignment was a movie poster. I love the posters of the old science fiction movies. They are meticulously painted and composed. It’s so different then the the movie posters today, where the designer cuts and pastes some photos of the stars in Photoshop, adds a lame effect filter and calls it a day. I used my family and a 3d model of a woman for this painting. It took about 8 hours to complete. I notice my Metal Slug sketch I did last night has a similar set up (three heroes in the front, the villain super large in background) but a different composition.


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Still Life 10 – Glue Bottle in MS Paint

still life in ms paint

Trying to get out of my comfort zone. I had this glue bottle on my desk and decided to paint a still life of it. I asked myself “What is the most uncomfortable way to paint this thing? I know! MS Paint with only the pencil tool and the default pallet!” MS paint has no wacom sensitivity or transparency and a stupid loading circle would show up every time I pressed down onto the tablet. There are some new brushes available but they are a joke and have no control options. when I was a kid i used to make pixel art with it because it has decent zooming tools. you can still make some great work with it if you are patient (I’m not). What is disappointing about ver 6.1 is that the halftone patterns are gone. it would of helped allot with this painting to able to use halftone gradients. It’s amazing how MS Paint is still the dinosaur of paint apps after all this time. 25 minutes.

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Daily Painting NO.97 – Dragon Attacking Mage 2

dragon attacking mage angry wings dark powe mage casting spell background concept art sketch digital artwork

Refined and polished the dragon painting I did a couple days ago. Added details in the face, put some atmospheric perspective on the tail and person in the background. blended some messy lines. Cleaned the edges This painting can be pushed father, but I am some what pleased with it. Maybe in the future I will work on it some more. Worked 4 hours on this painting. Painted from scratch using Photoshop and a wacom tablet. Let me know what you think.

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Daily Painting No.57 – Allosaurus In a Jar (Still Life)

Allosaurus trapped in jar

This painting will be the grand finale of black and white still life paintings. I will then bravely face creating still life paintings in (gulp) color. My next three days will be finishing this still life of a allosaurus (although the model I’m referencing look like a T-rex and a Allosaurus blended together) stuck in a jar (a after Christmas clearance jar with snowflakes all over it. Going to use it to store my paints). I am a big fan of dinosaurs. I guess with certain things (dragon, dinosaurs,etc) I will never ‘grow up’.This idea was inspired by my childhood. I have memories of capturing lizards, putting them in a jar, showing them to my friends and family (even show and tell once), and then freeing them into the wild. Imagine being able to catch a small dinosaur. I added a worried look to the allosaurus’ face. You don’t think of it as a kid but it must be pretty traumatic to be caged in a jar, even if you are given your freedom a few hours later. Any feedback is welcome. Unfinished. Painted from scratch using Photoshop with a graphics tablet

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Daily Painting No.3 – Dragon rider

woman in a mask riding a dragon

After the stinker of a daily painting I did yesterday. I really need to redeem myself a bit. The archetype¬† of a dragon rider is common in fantasy art. It is a subject I haven’t tackled yet. Frankly off and on for a week I’ve attempted to draw it in a interesting pose. since you have to ride a dragon closer to it’s neck, it was as interesting challenge for me to place the rider in the correct position. I couldn’t use a horse rider for ref. Here is my second attempt at painting the subject. (The first will not be shown to protect your eyeballs from its utter hideousness). Since I only have a hour or so to spare on these every day, I try to get the focal points finished at least. However in this painting they are still a bit rough. I like this composition. I might in the future spare another hour and attempt to finish it.¬† As for my self critique, I do like the composition, it has a lot of potential even if its a little cliche. I wanted to make the dragon’s frame big and intimidating like a rhino but in the end I felt like I made it look fat. The wing to the right is not in the correct position. I need to work on the structures of the wings more. the mask looks too blah and needs some spicing up or removed to draw the actual face. I think a curved horn on the back of the dragon’s mandible would add to the painting. I used fog to stop the front leg from competing with the face but It might be too effective. Any other observations is appreciated.

Painted in Photoshop. Time spent 1 hour and 10 minutes

Daily Painting # 3