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The Monster – Leviathan Redesign (Wip 2) (Second Revision)


After talking about the design with others. I came to the realization that the creature really needed wings and decided to remove the tentacles from the design. I hope to finish the painting tonight.

I will be very active on this blog for the next couple weeks as I am going to be very transparent about the design progress. Lots of concept art, wip and sketches will be uploaded. If I decide to continue the project after the competition, then a dedicated blog will be set up for the game. The only thing I will not share are the puzzle designs because the puzzles are the most important element in the game. I am very open to your feedback. Also if you are working on a game, send me a link, I would love to see it. And if your a game dev or artist, please drop me a line.

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The Gift (Chinese Fantasy Cityscape)

chinese cityscape fantasy tradition style buildings concept artwork painting woman getting gift artwork artist black and white

Please click the image to see a larger more detailed image

I wanted to try a landscape story painting of a subject I haven’t tried yet. I decided to try a city with a heavy Chinese influence in the architecture. The painting took about 8 hours to complete, it was painted in sketchbook pro. I add a lot of little story elements in the picture for the viewer to enjoy, which also helped take the monotony out of painting details and actually makes it enjoyable. Orignally the person on the right was going to be a boy in traditional Chinese outfit, but I changed it to a girl instead. The falcon at first wasn’t glowing nor transparent originally but I found that it blended too much in the buildings so I tried lighting it up and it worked. My love for chiaroscuro has no end.