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Project Night: Ruins Concept art (D31)


Some concept art for the ruins area of project dark. I’m debating if I should give it a jungle like environment or not. In old jungle ruins you see those large vines that take over buildings. I would like to incorporate that into the level if possible but I don’t know if I have the main power to make them. I drew a bird/lizard like creature because my brain wasn’t up to drawing a person tonight. Honestly for the world, what needs to considered is the fauna and flora in the world. It needs to be just a little exotic but still grounded in our world

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The Coffee Spider Bot (Concept art)


Concept Art for the coffee spider bot. This robot delivers coffee in seconds will satisfy all you coffee needs.

This concept art is for a 3d printing project. I needed to create a machine that would be too impractical. A ginormous robot spider that’s sole purpose is to make and deliver coffee fits the bill.

The 3d model is almost done. I will upload it soon.

I finally got my spaceship 3d printed, I will upload some photos soon.

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Wyvern Hero Concept Art v (Monster 22) (Project Phoenix)


I wasn’t happy with the last version, it was bothering me. I had to sleep on it to realize my mistake. The lighting is screwed up. Also, wings are usually more translucent. These mistakes where fixed. I’m still not %100 keen with this painting.Wished that I had made the pose more lively, but It should work fine as a ref for my 3d model. I want to make a more dynamic illustration of this critter if I can get the chance.

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Chibi Rhinoish Monster (Monster 21) + Paint Tool Sal review


This is a quick sketch to test a popular paint app called Paint Tool Sai. This creature was drawn out of my imagination with no reference (which might be a bad thing). I’ve seen many artists praise SAI, so out of curiosity, I downloaded the trial version, and gave it a shot. At first I couldn’t get the program to read my tablet monitor! I had to mess with an misc.ini file to make the software even work. It was fine after that.

The software is pretty fast and fluid, supports masks and selection tools. Unfortunately it has no alphas, warp tool, brush smoothing, or Adjustment Layers. As for custom brushes, you have to make them manually and insert them into the directory. The watercolor and brush tools are identical to MS5’s brushes (I’m sure MS5 ripped Sai off and not the other way around) and are great for painting and blending. While I think SAI is a great painting app, MS5 has far more features so I will be sticking to that and Photoshop.  Time spent: 30-40 mins? Looking at it now, I wish I would have added some red markings. Update: Added them

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Wendigo (Monster 18)


The monster I painted today is called a wendigo. It is in the myths of the Algonquian people. One version of the myth states this scary monstrosity was once a human but because he tasted the flesh of another man, he was warped and twisted into this creature and now hunts and eats the living. It has described with ‘desiccated skin’ and ‘bones popping out of the flesh’.  A terrifying creature for sure. I want to give it a ‘undead’ look but not be gory.

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Minotaur (Monster 16)


For the second half of the monster painting project, I will be painting monsters from legends and myths, rather then creating them out of my imagination. This is a minotaur, the guardian of mazes. I wanted to give him a smug personality. It important  to go beyond design and think about the story of the character I’m still experimenting in Artrage, unfortunately it has slow me down a little but I think its worth learning to use because of how natural the brush look compared to Photoshop. masking/stensiling in Artrage is still a pain but I’m getting used to it.

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The Monster – Leviathan (Finished Painting)

monster concept artwork

I finally finished the painting. About 7 hours of work. For time sake when creating the model, I should make the character symmetrical so the tentacle hands where replaced with claws. I feel this is one of my best concept paintings so for.  It’s going to be fun sculpting the model. Since this is the only character in the game, more time can be spent on him.

He will only need 2 animations

Flapping his wings
Attacking the Player

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Monster 11 Sketch


Here is the sketch that will I will use as a base for tomarrow’s painting. It is a odd hybrid of a oxen, a octopus, and who knows what else. This creature eats fish and other small creature. It can live comfortably on land and sea.

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Armadilo Barbarian Sketch (Daily Monster: 06 out of 30)


The daily monster painting has been a two edged sword. It’s given me the motivation to paint and explore but because of time restraints I do not have time to fully research material for my subjects. This means the anatomy and potential variations suffer. I will try to figure something out. For example I love the face but the clothing is very plain because I had time to skech armadillos but not any time to research clothing. I might lengthen the project to give me a extra day to do some research and prelims for each character.