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Zekrom and Son v2.0


After looking over the model I’ve decided to change some things. I removed the father’s hair and changed the son’s shirt to red. I plan on making a very short animation involving these two characters. The focus is the bond between a father and his son… and make it as cute as possible. It’s a tribute to my own dad. I will start on it.. after I finish the penguin animation, that is.

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Chip Rom and Son (3d Models – ‘Pokepeople Project’)


Chip Rom the Zekrom and his son. Chip is a quiet and reserved person who resides on the geeky side of the spectrum. He is a single parent of a young rambunctious son, who he loves deeply. His ideal is to be a great father. The son model is based on Chip but with a much larger head with no hair. Remember at the beginning of the year I announced that I was going work on a short film parody using my ‘pokepeople’. I finally have a model finished. I need finish one more pokeperson model more before I can start ‘shooting’ the short. It’s either going to  be the grumpy dragonite or the cocky charizard (Those two WIPs I uploaded two weeks ago). retopography is not so fun.

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Chibi Rhinoish Monster (Monster 21) + Paint Tool Sal review


This is a quick sketch to test a popular paint app called Paint Tool Sai. This creature was drawn out of my imagination with no reference (which might be a bad thing). I’ve seen many artists praise SAI, so out of curiosity, I downloaded the trial version, and gave it a shot. At first I couldn’t get the program to read my tablet monitor! I had to mess with an misc.ini file to make the software even work. It was fine after that.

The software is pretty fast and fluid, supports masks and selection tools. Unfortunately it has no alphas, warp tool, brush smoothing, or Adjustment Layers. As for custom brushes, you have to make them manually and insert them into the directory. The watercolor and brush tools are identical to MS5’s brushes (I’m sure MS5 ripped Sai off and not the other way around) and are great for painting and blending. While I think SAI is a great painting app, MS5 has far more features so I will be sticking to that and Photoshop.  Time spent: 30-40 mins? Looking at it now, I wish I would have added some red markings. Update: Added them

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Dragon/Dino walks and then trips

My first animation for the Advanced Animation class. The teacher allowed me to choose my own projects.

I picked character rigging by parenting and using the puppet wrap tool. The walk cycle is a little rough but I feel that the rig itself was successful.

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Daily Paint 1 – Turtwig


I going back to doing daily paintings. I have no excuse for not doing one painting a day specifically for this blog.

With overloading my self with classes and then a family situation gave me an excuse to stop doing dailies.

but no more

No rules, I will paint whatever I please. I need to enjoy art again.

I probably will paint video game and movie characters for a while. Don’t worry, there will be dragons too

I have the flu right now. I painted a pokemon name Turtwig. I am going to die. good night.