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Alien Thug (Daily Monster: 09 out of 30)


Sketch of an alien thug that would work well in a toony video game. I was happy that I was able to exaggerate the shapes but still make him look coherent. The image was sketched in mypaint.


Daily Paint 32 – The Villager (Animal Crossing)


I’m still out of town. This painting was created on an Android tablet using a paint app called Artflow. I’m still coming to grips with the software. My stylus broke so i had to use my finger. Because of this; the shading is simple, l left the painting flat. It took 45 mins just to get this far.

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Daily Paint 23 – Haxorus

Hexoruz pokemon monster

2 hours (Although I did get distracted as I was watching a movie at the same time).

Another pokemon. I appear to be fond of reptilian looking ones.I will have to figure out what to paint this week.  I want to do at least 1 still life.

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Daily Paint 12 – Charizard!!

charizard realistic dragon life simular diaiy paint

Charmander’s final evolution or ‘adult’ form.  I gave him a more ‘dragon’ look. My favorite Pokemon next to Rayquaza. I am actually pleased with today’s daily. Took one hour to paint.  Fun random pointless fact: Did you know that despite looking like a dragon, Charizard is not considered a dragon type ,However his temporary mega evolution is considered a dragon type. Nintendo logic.


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Daily Painting No.8 – Dragon

angry dragon stole me eggs!

The last couple of days has been stressful. I haven’t had much time to even think. I travel a lot for my job and I work at night, so I get exhausted. I only had a half hour to paint before heading to work so I painted something quick. A dragon, the creature I can draw that doesn’t stress me out when I draw it. just to try something different, instead of drawing the rough with the paint brush, I used the lasso tool, filled my selection and then painted over it. I have mixed feelings of the outcome. Hopefully next week will calm down so I can focus better on my paintings.

Painted in Photoshop : 30 Minutes

Daily Painting # 8