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Sad Dragon wearing Goggles

anthro dragon wearing goggles and a hoodie

I modified and finished another drawing. Must be on a role today. After finishing my sketch for my avatar a few days ago. I though I might as well finish it and make it a completed drawing. Chris the dragon is no longer smiling. maybe because I put goggles on his head :D. It’s amazing just changing the expression makes the dragon look less of a threat.  I wont be using this image for the avatar because I like the smiling one better for that purpose.

I will stop redoing paintings an upload new ones next post 😀

Painted in Photoshop

Chris is Copyright 2013 Maugryph

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Chris the Dragon

dean dragon anthro funny anima toon dragon furry dragon hero wearing clothes silly

Chris the Dragon is the other main character in the comic. He is a contrast to Jed’s more easy going personallity. His head is also my avatar icon at the moment. Both Chris and Jed where sketched on paper and the created in Adobe Illustrator as a vector graphic.

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My avatar for all my online social needs. His name is Dean. He is part of a semi daily comic strip I will be posting sometime around February. consider this a seek preview. I will upload more art related to the project as soon as it develops. I will post the comics semi daily on and weekly (all comics for the week on one post) here on to keep my blog more tidy  art/project centric.