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Dragon Doodle No.3 (LibreOffice Draw)


Today I drew in an app made for graphs and diagrams, not art; and it was a very annoying experience. Every time I would draw a curve it would make it a bounding box, if I tried to draw another curve too close to the bounding box, it would move the existing curve instead of making a new one. I cant deselect the curve because it has no deselect short cut. It’s quite a pain

If you have an app you enjoy drawing with, feel free to recommend it. So far the main apps I use are Manga Studio 5 and Photoshop.

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Sangheili Bust (Elite aliens from Halo)


I spent a couple hours and made this bust of a sangheili. I’m somewhat happy with it although I think it would be cooler if I textured it.

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Wyvern Hero Concept Art (Monster 22) (Project Phoenix)


This Wyvern will be the ‘character player’ of my future game: Code named “Project Phoenix”

I’ve come to the conclusion that I do my best work when a project is in mind. I will be making a very short 3d shooter similar to games like Gradius and Salamander. I’m literally ‘killing three birds with one stone’ by incorporating models I will be making as homework for my 3d classes into the models and props for the game. And since the baddies will also be monsters, I can finish my monster project with my concept art!

After the game is finished, I will make a demo reel showcasing the gameplay, models, and concept art of my last two games.

Anyways I’ve been busy with art commissions as of late, so I haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I liked. I should be able to upload them shortly.

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Psybug (Creature Animation)

My final assignment for my 3D Modeling class.
The assignment was to create a model and animate it.
Being the stupidly obsessive overachiever that I am, I picked the most difficult thing to create and animate: A monster. I decided to make a robot monster and use hierarchies to animate the creature instead of a traditional rigg. It was a lot of fun to design and animate.  I will provide a link to my concept sketches when I upload them.

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Impaler Monster (WIP) -Model and starting to texture

progress 2

This model is taking very long. I’ve never used Cinema 4D to make a creature this complicated. UVs are always a nightmare, I don’t quite do them accurately. But, I have to get this done so I’m pressing forward with what I’ve got.

I just started painting it. Since c4d is not compatible with my tablet, I have to use the freaking mouse. I was experimenting with spots. I was hoping to make the creature look poisonous. I might just go back to the leathery skin like in my concept art.

Also here is the base in all it’s untextured glory.


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Character 2 – Allana Warrior


Didn’t get quite as far as I hoped. I got distracted by ‘Sir, You Are Being Hunted’ a awesome indie stealth game the game review critics hate. I stopped relying on movie and game critics a year ago because most don’t have a clue what they are talking about or are extremely biased. Even worse the people who comment on the reviews reaffirms the ‘Ash Conformity Experiment‘.

Before I went on that random tangent, I really enjoyed painting this. I stays true to my reference and didn’t deviate into my own design. After a few more I think I will be ready to be more creative. The reference photo I based my drawing on is by faestock. The model is Allana, my drawing doesn’t do her justice. 2 1/2 hours

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Daily Painting No.49 – Jar of Wyrm – 2nd Pass (Updated)

dragon wyrm can of worm can of wyrms

Update to Painting : I didn’t like how the arm’s where stretched out in the past version (that would be so uncomfortable to have his arm’s stretched out like that). I changed it to having them inside the jar for now. I plan on having one hand holding on to the jar and a the other waving. I was too heavy on the sand texture, but it wont matter since i have to paint over the jar with a super small brush anyway, so the texture on the jar will be manually removed. I need to make the sand have sparkles and improve that sand accumulation of the jar on the base. I already started refining the dragon’s face and scales making them more clean and interesting. I spent a extra hour so far. At this rate of speed I will probability take me 3-4 more hours to finish this painting.

This wyrm is a 100% genuine :). This painting is almost there. Just a little more refinement and should be able to call this one finished. Painted from scratch in Photoshop using a wacom tablet. Total time spent so far 3 1/2 hours. Not entirely happy with it. I think I will make the label look more torn and adjust some values with the arms. Feel free to critique or comment.

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Daily Painting No.35 (Fabric Still Life)

fabric ghost still life with dragon

This was a very fun still life to paint. I put a bowl on top of a tripod and then draped it. I then put a little dragon sculpture on top. How the fabric fell made it look like a ghost, even the eyes where formed from the still life, I didn’t fabricate anything. So I didn’t draw the tripod legs. Fabric is a heck of a lot of fun to paint. Don’t be surprised if I do a couple more still life paintings with fabric. Feel free to critique it.

Painted entirely in Photoshop. Time spent on painting: 1 hour

On a different note. I was bitten by nostalgia bug. I found a game that is now free and open source that I used to play as a kid.  It was called Ken’s Labyrinth.It was a ‘clone’ of Wolfenstien 3d (another 3d game I was obsessed with at the time) but it was developed by one man named Ken Silverman. He was a prodigy programmer, he made a game by himself that took ID software 10 people to make. Remember Duke Nukem 3D? HE BUILT THE ENTIRE GAME ENGINE!

Ken’s Lab had a lot of crazy game play elements that where not in FPS games at this time such as, holes, killer fans, slot machines, vender machines, heat sneaking missiles, you even have a companion that you have to guard ( Just like Resident Evil 5, and just as annoying). The shareware episode was a lot of fun and balanced, the remaining two episodes are so broken due to endless invincibility capes and cash littering the floor, you can beat the game with your eyes closed.. EVEN ON HARD! Later the game was published by Epic Games, and a extra artist was added. Speaking of the graphics, the monster design, it starts out well but gets really bad farther down the game ( Just wait until you see the space pirates, it looks like a 5 year old discovered Paint). Despite it’s flaws Ken’s Lab really inspired me back then. It inspired me to mod the levels and graphics of  Wolf 3d, and replace the Nazis with fish warriors. (I wish I still had it, the floppy it was saved on got corrupted 😦 )

It’s got me thinking of a good concept art project.. Why don’t I find some terrible monster and character sprites of the old games from the 90’s and do some fresh redesigns?