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Combining 3D objects into a live action scene (Animation Project 4)

I’m a little behind so there will be a few postings today.

A challenging assignment where I put a 3d creature into a live scene using motion tracking. I designed a cute little spheroid monster to sit on a chair. Also I set a 3D cylinder on a coffee table and made it shatter. I used After Effects. It would have been easier to use Maya for everything but since this was an After Effects class I had to used the program required in my class.

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Daily Paint 63 – Dragon head.


A head of a dragon I doodled on the spot when I was eating at  Dunken Donuts. I have been practicing the use of complementary tones for the shadows of the picture. I noticed doing that breathes more life into my sketches.

Drawn on my 3DS using Colors 3D

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Character 3 (Wip) part 2


Still working on this. It’s been hard to focus the last couple days. I will attempt to finish it tomorrow.

Note to self: starting with a big brush and after every pass shrinking the brush size by half a very effective method. Last brush size is 10

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Draped Woman Sitting Study (Daily Doodle)


Daily doodle for Saturday. Study of a stock photo by Marcus Ranum. Not my finest hour. Got to absorbed in the face and didn’t get the rest of the form roughed in as I should. drapery is tough. More human studies would do me good. 40 minutes

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Deer (Daily Doodle)

oh dear

I realized it was a mistake to abandon my daily doodles. It is important for me to do a daily doodle before working on big projects.  I helps loosen me up. I will do this every day. I might miss a day here and there but I plan on being consistent

I always set limitations to challenge myself. Here are the the two:

1.I can only work on in for 30 minutes to and 1 hour. Once the timer goes off. I can no longer work on it . This is not speed painting, it’s to teach me to use my time effectively. Also it should help me block in the big stuff first.

2. I have to attempt to draw it in a somewhat realistic style.

What I draw can be anything real or imaginary but I must use refs.

BTW here is the first daily painting. A deer. I spent 30 minutes on this.

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Sea Monster (Daily Doodle 15)

sea monster shark with spike ochys

I thought I would try my hand at another sea monster design. I don’t know if the daily doodle is helping me or not. A year ago I used to dread doing any type of detail into a drawing. Now I might enjoy it too much.  I question if this project is helping me. Maybe I should return to my still life project for a while? I have countless sketches and photos of animals at the zoos I visit, maybe I should draw and paint them? Maybe I should just pick the best doodle from my sketchbook and upload that as the daily doodle instead of making a dedicated one on the computer. I need to plan some more illustrations in the future, because I had a dragon binge drawing for 9 months, my portfolio is littered with them. I need some more variety in what I draw. Even though I was aiming for a shark like design for this creature , it still reminds me of a dragon. Its very frustrating to me. I’ve been sketching animals for just under a year!! Why can I incorporate that into my designs!!?!

1 1/2 hours

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Daily Painting No.67- Painting can ROCK at times

rock painting of a rocky rock with strong emotions of love an peace to the world and also this rock is a super hexagon champion

Meet Rock. Engineer, author, movie star, philanthropist, and future president. I’m honored to have Rock in my presence to paint. It was amazing! He stood perfectly still! True Story: I was walking my dog at dusk. When the walk was finished I realized that I was going to paint rocks this week (Why rocks? Painting a small rock = painting a cliff or rocky mountain), so I grabbed random rocks in the dark and brought them home. For this painting I just used the stock soft round that comes with Photoshop. Self Critique: edges need to be sharpened up more.

Feel free to give feedback and more rock puns.

Time Spent : 1 hour and then some
Created from scratch in Photoshop using a wacom tablet.