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Dark Souls Armor Study + Dragon Covenant Head


I am in love with the armor in the Dark Souls games. I forgot what the name of the plate is. Havel’s Armor, I think ( I don’t want to load up the game again to find out because I fear that I will play it for hours). I just felt like drawing the breast plate, I will probably draw a full set. If your wondering why my character’s head looks like that is because I joined the Dragon Covenant in the game.

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Dragon Portrait Version 2

dragon face friendly humanio smiling happy portrait head bust anthro furry scally

I decided to revisit this painting I did for a client a couple weeks ago. I didn’t want to paint another dragon but I wanted to experiment with creating better scale and horn textures.  This is probably the best dragon painting I have done so far. This will be the final dragon painting for this month unless I get commissioned from a client.

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Daily Painting No.99 – Dragon Portrait WIP (almost there)

badass dragon portrait tf alter ego monster painting

I have already spent a dozen hours on this painting. I feel I am getting close to it’s completion. I will continue to work on this painting for the next 2 days. This will be my last finished dragon painting for some time. There is two reasons for this 1.) I am in the works of designing a 3d badass dragon model I can showcase in my portfolio, I will go though the entire design process from concept art to fully rigged character. That should satisfy my dragon drawing itch and should please my followers and friends that enjoy my dragon art.. 2.) Franky I am a bit tired of painting dragons. Dragons have become a ‘safe’ thing for me to paint. I need to challenge myself. I have been painting them non stop for six months. If I don’t start to paint other things, I will start to sprout wings, a tail, and will become a dragon. It wont be pretty (A zoo would love it, but my family would be pissed).

I need to paint other things. I love to draw woman, I would like to do paintings of them.Get better at painting skin tones. I love to draw other monsters, even if some might look a bit ‘dragonish’. I would like to try my hand at some plien air stuff. Draw other fantasy critters like orcs,  elves, and golems. Paint some celebrity portraits of people  such as Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon.  I decided to move forward with the still life practice. Starting  on daily painting 102, for the next 50 days I will paint a 45min to a hour still life quickie with a 10-15 minute comp study. Today is valentines day, this will be the second year I have to face this day alone. I hate this holiday.

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Daily Painting No.84 – Dragon Bust WIP

dragon badass portrait bust

I’ve been jumping around various unfinished paintings. I just can’t seem to focus all my energies on just one painting. I couldn’t seem to focus on anything today. It felt that I couldn’t get hardly anything done. I did get most of my assignments done, thankfully. Months ago, I painted a rough of this. I’ve been wanting to finish it for a while. I made a bunch of changes to the face and probably more to come. I will be alternating between this and three other unfinished paintings for this week. I am fast approaching my 100th day of painting daily. I am going to use those 15 days to finish my unfinished stuff. After the 100 day I will return to still life paintings and comp studies. I felt that the still life was the most useful too in learning how to paint.

Photoshop with a Wacom drawing tablet.

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Daily Painting No.6 – Dragon


I decided to take it easy tonight and draw a dragon. I attempted a different face, a more sinister one. I find that the best approach to a painting is a solid line drawing, then paint with a simple round brushes in various occupancy, then set the occupancy to %100 and use the eyedropper tool (alt key) to ‘blend’ values and to add details. It almost feels like sculpting painting this method and it is very addictive.

Self critique: The dragon’s rostrum feels a bit boxy, i might try a more steamlined snout in the next painting attempt. I should make the horns more rough and research various and dear horns, in a attempt to try something new.

Any comments, critiques are welcome.

Time Spent 1 hour

Painted in Photoshop

Daily Painting # 6

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Dragon Speedpaint plus warp tool fun

After struggling to draw Gina yesterday, I decided to take it easy and draw a dragon. experimented with the lasso tool in creating the silhouette. I wasn’t happy with it so I messed with the warp tool and made a totally different dragon I was happy with. the warp tool is fun. . Video in Real time, not sped up.

dragon speed painting of awesomeness

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Sad Dragon wearing Goggles

anthro dragon wearing goggles and a hoodie

I modified and finished another drawing. Must be on a role today. After finishing my sketch for my avatar a few days ago. I though I might as well finish it and make it a completed drawing. Chris the dragon is no longer smiling. maybe because I put goggles on his head :D. It’s amazing just changing the expression makes the dragon look less of a threat.  I wont be using this image for the avatar because I like the smiling one better for that purpose.

I will stop redoing paintings an upload new ones next post 😀

Painted in Photoshop

Chris is Copyright 2013 Maugryph

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Dean the Dragon (Head Portrait + Avatar)

orange dragon head smiling traditional easy to read
orange dragon head smiling traditional easy to read

Update: Modified the avatar to appear more ‘dragony’ and less anthropomorphic.  Didn’t feel like double posting.

Yesterday, I decided to create a new avatar image. The character I often use as a avatar is Dean the Dragon, a original character of mine. Originally it was just going to be a simple cartoonly color drawing. But when I finished it, I felt that I returned to my old ways and bad habits of using symbols instead of using form and value. So i converted it to a value painting. A color value painting. Granted it could be popped out more and I missed a highlight on the ear, but it came out rather well for the amount of time I spent on him and since it wont be bigger then 128 pixels on most sites, it should work well.

Created in Photoshop
Copyright 2013 Maugryph
Time Spent: 2 hours


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Dragon 1

After doing that humanoid dragon. I thought I would try something a little different. so i modifed my last dragon into a more traditional western style dragon, changed the lighting and gave our scaly friend a mouth full of teeth.  Creative entirely in Photoshop.