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Daily Painting No.100 – Dragon portrait WIP (so close) + Dino Squad Review

dragon painting how to art painting dragon artist art

100 daily paintings Who hoo! (actually its more like 80 if your counting each individual painting) I  actually made it  So happy! My dragon painting is near completion. I just have a little more clean up on the dragon and then need to clean up the background. Unless someone commissions me to paint a dragon, this will be the last dragon painting one for some time (yeah right, my best guess is I will last two weeks max without painting a dragon). I would rather focus my dragon related energies on making a realistic 3d dragon model ( When the model is finished I could animated him doing the tango and post it on youtube.. wait.. that might not be the best idea..) I will post my process when I start the model.

Holy random “Dino Squad” review Batman!

On Netflix I wanted to watch a animated series I hadn’t seen before, I found this show called “Dino Sqaud” about teenagers that can morph into dinosaurs to save the world from a evil velociraptor bent on changing everything (including humans) into dinosaurs (Let me take a breath, that was a long un-punctuated sentence). It sounded interesting so I gave it  a try… I have chosen poorly… Each episode forces you to watch the same transformation sequences over, and over, and over again while it’s terrible theme song plays in the background. (I’M IN! I’M IN! I’M THE DINO SQUAD!) It reminds me of the un-skippable summon animations in Final Fantasy 8. The Triceratops TF will give me nightmares tonight. the dino designs are somewhat inaccurate but it’s a kid’s show, so that’s forgiven. The main cast just stereotypes, unfortunately. The animation is average but gets the job done. Dino Squad is not terrible enough to watch just for laughs but is not good enough to watch for enjoyment. Kids will love it though. Go Dino!

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Daily Painting No.54 – Stuck between a rock and a hard place

warrior confronting a dragon dragon has upper hand concept art painting

I just wasn’t in the mood to do a still life or a study so. I painted this. I went with a friend to a lake that was made by creation of a dam. It inspired me paint this. A knight has to climb this dam like structure but there is a dragon waiting for him at the very top. Self Critique: Still very rough. Has potential to become a good painting. I’m getting better with making texture brushes. Remove middle horn on helmet as it looks stupid. If I continue this painting I will need to research some waterfalls.

Painted from scratch from my imagination using Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Drawing tablet. Time Spend 1 hour and 15 minutes

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Dragon Roars WIP

dragon roars looking from below green dragon

Another dragon wip. I  have been drawing many dragons, most I felt that I rushed out the door. This dragon I am taking my time on. I wanted to try a angle if you where looking up at  it but not a extreme shot. I took my time figuring out the line work. I spent 2 hours on the line work alone. And it when though a couple revisions. Now I must decide which direction to render him.

Photoshop: 2 hours so far

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A unfinished dragon painting, Some doodles, unfinished TF2 art, and a cool animated icon

blue dragon wip wings

A bunch of random stuff that I thought I would lump together instead of doing many posts. I haven’t been able to finish a painting in a while. I just have all these unfinished paintings cluttering my harddrive.

First is this unfinished blue dragon that I have been working on and off and finally decided to just upload it as is. I used the Millennial Dragon as a reference for the painting and it shows.  That’s why I stopped painting it. the other dragon is just a random doodle of a dragon.

The Next painting TF2 fanart that I got bored of. I had this crazy image of the Medic turning the Sniper into a crocodile due to his croc-o-style accessories. Its was a silly idea anyway.

My final images it a cool little animated icon I use with my DA account. unfortuanly since it is one of the few sites that accepts animated avatars, I can only use it there.

Update: um I posted this on my main art blog instead of my sketch blog.  Maybe doing two blogs at once isn’t the best idea….

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Dragon Self Portrait

anthro dragon furry dragon self portrait fursona not quite

I was painting a self portrait of my self when i got irritated with it. So after hours and of work I have painted myself as a dragon. I haven’t even colored it yet. It has a resemblance of my comic character Chip. when I showed this to my friends, they  joked around and said they couldn’t see a difference (at least I hope they where joking) I am curious to try this dragon metamorphism on one of my friends as well. I could start my own army of dragon humanoid freaks. Its one of the best digital paintings I have done so far. I created it from scratch in Adobe Photoshop.