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Dragon/Dino walks and then trips

My first animation for the Advanced Animation class. The teacher allowed me to choose my own projects.

I picked character rigging by parenting and using the puppet wrap tool. The walk cycle is a little rough but I feel that the rig itself was successful.

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Glitch Art Experiment

dragon glitch art experiment

This is not the dragon painting I talked about in my previous post. It is actually my avatar I use for my blog and other social networking sites. I decided to mess it up and have fun with it. This was a experiment to attempt the look of glitch art. What is glitch art? It is a technique in which you take a image and intentionally corrupt it, causing the picture to ‘glitch’. The look is similar to that of a nes game that looses connectivity to the pins and starts shooting out random stuff on the screen. Before¬† you had to do this manually by modifying the hex values in the image.¬† I attempted to make my avatar painting ‘look’ like a glitch painting by stacking up a ton of layers and without doing that hex editing stuff, yet still make it readable (allot of glitch art isn’). So I guess it isn’t TRUE glitch art. What do you think?

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Here be .. a dragon.

angry dragon detail test black and white traditional dragon humor non anthro awesome face ugly body

It’s been a while since I’ve updated. I have dragons on the brain. However I’ve have been working on a interesting illustration involving a man in a parachute… and zombies! Will upload it as soon as it’s finished. Started sketching dragons a week ago in a more traditional way. Need to start finishing my paintings again by adding details. Tried my best at details with this piece, even watched a short tutorial on how to add dragon detail patterns such as scales…so I attempted it but I didn’t feel I did too well. One thing I am happy with is the dragon’s face. I was tempted to just crop the painting just showing the head and neck. Only spent about a hour and a half on it so it isn’t too bad for the time spent. Used Photoshop and a wacom tablet. Any tips and pointers on adding details to dragons are appreciated.