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Tintin (Daily Sketch)

tintin sketch falling 3d shading sketch value snowy haddock

A ‘quick’ sketch of Tintin. For some reason I had trouble with rendering Tintin’s hair, I got the rest of the sketch was done rather quickly but I just couldn’t ‘see’ the hair as a shape. I got so stuck on it, I just couldn’t focus tonight.

I watched ‘Tintin and the Land of the Sharks’ on Netflix today. The animation was decent, the story was interesting if not a bit predictable, and the vocals where not bad… with the exception of one character. Captain Haddock’s voice in the movie is the equivalent of a thousand chalkboards being scratched in unison. So if you can actually stand Haddock’s voice, there is a decent movie in there. It felt slow in parts, even though it was only a hour and twelve minutes long.

Tintin (C) Herge