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Fishy Monster(Daily Monster: 10 out of 30)


My monster for Sunday. I could push this even more if I could keep my eyes open… I have the night owl curse,. I skipped doing monsters on Friday and Saturday.There just wasn’t enought time to paint due to the plans I had this weekend. Starting this week, I will work on a monster for two days instead of one. The first day will be research, prelims, and sketches (which will be uploaded). The second day will be the actual painting.

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Daily Painting No.93 – Fish Doodle


I went to the zoo all day today and filled up my sketchbook with animal sketches. One fish made a particular impression on me called the arapaima. I got backĀ  late and had very little time to paint, so I whipped up this sketch from my memory of the fish in about 15-20 minutes. I noticed I have some comments I need to respond to . Forgive me but I am too tired, I will respond tomorrow. Goodnight everyone.