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Evil Eye (Free Online Game you can play in your browser) (Physics Puzzler) V.1

evil eye shot title

Click on the Image above to play the game.

I have decided that before I program my epic RPG, I should do a few simpler games first. First up is ‘Evil Eye’. Guide the eye to the blue pad! The intinal release has 16 levels and can be compleated in 10 to 20 minutes depending on how good you are with puzzle games. Try to get the lowest score by blitzing the game. The lower the score the more epic you are. If people like this game I will continue working on it. I will ads more levels and a leaderboards with fastest times in the future.

Please note. This game has NO ads, in app purchases, or any other freemium bs.

This game will work in any browser, even mobile phones and tablets. Note: you need a phone with a decent size screen to play this. I would recommend playing on a computer or tablet.


16 Levels

Nice graphics

Timer for speedruns

Gravity based puzzles

Can play the game on any browser

evil eye shot 1

How to play: click on yellow shapes to destroy them. Do this to manipulate gravity and guide the eye to the blue panel.

Box2D was used in making this game.

Game Link :

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Ntercepton – a faux 3D obstacle avoidance game for Windows

I’ve been working on this small game off and on this year and thought I would unleash it into the wild. It’s inspiration comes from the tunnel segments in the old Starfox game. Programmed in Construct.

This is a faux 3d tunnel game where you guide a sphere around the screen while avoiding obstacles such as tree branches and walls. However to make things more difficult and interesting various the camera lens will get distorted at random times. This is a extreme alpha version of Ntercepton and might have bugs. Game is offered as-is, no warranty.

Things to do

Add a high score board.
Add more levels/ themes
Add coins and other collectables
Remake the game into a true 3D game with Unity?


Arrow keys to move… that’s it.

Min System RequirementsWindows Vista or higher
Dual Core Processor
2 GB ram
Direct X 9 Card

Download Ntercepton Here: