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Alex the Alligator Character Concept Art

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Alex the alligator is a character I have designed for a comic /animation hybrid that I am working with a friend to produce. The character’s personality is based on my own. It was a interesting challenge to draw a friendly/geeky looking alligator. Funny animal alligators are usually portrayed as bullies. It’s going to be fun to bash stereotypes with this comic. Originally he was going to be a dragon but we decided for the projects to use only real animals. He has a dragon look in him still. My friend chose a cheetah for his character. A fat cheetah, that’s going to be interesting.

Update: I decided humans are better for this project at this time. He looks a lot like my dragon character Chris.

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Head Portrait – Male, Chubby Cheeks, Warm Smile (Value Sketch Painting)


I been trying to paint one head each day to improve. I try not to go over a hour for each painting, since this is more a exercise to improve my art. I try to put most of my energy into the main focal area of the face, which is the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth. The hair and ears seem to get left behind, hopefully I will get faster so I can start to finish those areas.  The reference  for this head is one of my friends.

Painted in Photoshop
Time spent: 1 hour
copyright 2013 maugryph