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Monster Gentlemen having a Spot of Tea (Daily Doodle 2)

monsters have a spot of tea

I love tea. Another random monster doodle. I have found a new method the helps me stay loose and keeps me open to other opportunities. It’s fun but kind of silly what is hidden in this lobe of mine. Time spent: 35 minutes.

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Daily Painting No.8 – Dragon

angry dragon stole me eggs!

The last couple of days has been stressful. I haven’t had much time to even think. I travel a lot for my job and I work at night, so I get exhausted. I only had a half hour to paint before heading to work so I painted something quick. A dragon, the creature I can draw that doesn’t stress me out when I draw it. just to try something different, instead of drawing the rough with the paint brush, I used the lasso tool, filled my selection and then painted over it. I have mixed feelings of the outcome. Hopefully next week will calm down so I can focus better on my paintings.

Painted in Photoshop : 30 Minutes

Daily Painting # 8

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Dragon Face Value Painting WIP 2

dragon painting bust head portrait concept art

Finally got back to working on this painting. Put more details into the scales, and rendered the mouth more.  I just need to do some more scale rendering and finish lighting it. Then I can start coloring. Painted in Photoshop. Time spent so far: About 3 hours. Let me know what you think so far.

Was watching Captain America: The first Avenger while painting this. The movie was pretty well made and had great production values. Chris Evans did a good job at portraying Steve Roger. The story was predicable but enjoyable nether the less. I was impressed however with the ending credit sequence, It was very interesting how they took the images from old U.S WW2 propaganda posters and animated them.