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Color Study (Gerome – Arab Caravan)

gerome arab caravan study painting reproduc

This was a hard study. Not the actual painting BUT the fact that my laptop broke and I had to do most of this on a iPad. Thankfully I was able to finish this on a friend’s computer but he didn’t have Photoshop on it so I used a little paint program called myPaint. It took a little adapting as it didn’t have nearly the same amount of customization as Photoshop brushes. But I like it. myPaint has a infinite canvas, a strange thing for a raster painting program to have.

The coolest thing I have learned from these studies so far is that the painters never use pure black or white in the shadows or highlights. Instead the painter will use a complementary color or a grey tone. there will always be some bounce (or fill) light in the shadow that is the sky’s color or of  a close by object.

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Daily Painting No. 75 – Study of Jean Leon Gerome’s “The Pelt Merchant of Cairo”

jean leon gerome study

Instead of doing four comp studies at 10 minutes each, I decided to instead to slow down and just work on one study for 40 minutes. It’s been a looooong day. This is a study of The pelt merchant of Cairo by Jean Leon Gorome, a master french painter who lived in the 1800s.  His paintings are fantastic.

A little under 40 minutes