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Character 3 – Paintball Warrior (Final)


Here is a much more refined painting/ sketch. I plan on taking the time on my future characters. I’ve been down a bit with my art. It made me feel good that I can still paint. What I discovered from this drawing is to do passes. First block in the main shapes with a big brush, then shrink your brush about half and do another pass and add smaller shapes and so on. Once you get to a really small brush, put your effort in the focal points of your image.

I only used one brush. It is a custom round brush, the only difference to that of a normal round, is that I added transfer and put a super light texture onto the brush. I disabled brush size pressure because I have less control and I’m not inking lines. I find it’s best to have either brush pressure size or brush pressure transparency on. But not both, because it adds another element you have to deal with. Keep things simple.

I spent 3-4 hours on this painting. Image reference was by erian_stock.

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Concept Art – Update to Alex Harkenstone and Derric Skycaster

After a day or so, I need to review my paintings to see if there are any adjustments and fixes needed. My two concept art paintings where a bit over saturated and some parts where still a little rough. Alex needed more color in her cheeks. I also experimented with a rim lighting to attempt to make the forms more readable in the shadows. As for my draco Derric, I found that there wasn’t enough interest in his face so I added more details to try to push the design. I also finished his feet. I have not yet designed a outfit I am pleased with, so he remains in a loincloth for now. I did color adjustments in both paintings. I fidget with color allot because I have not clue yet. I am relatively new in using color and am fighting my way though. I paid for a Color theory course at but haven’t been able to watch it yet. I will take a break from Derric and start working on Asgaunt and Prof. Notch in the future.

6 hours on Alex. 8 hours on Derric. Painted in Photoshop using a wacom tablet. Any input is welcome.

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Daily Painting No.5 (xskullent!!)

human skull anatomy exskullent humor orbits zygomatic arch and the temporals

Today’s painting is not intentionally macabre, Its just a simple anatomy study of the human skull. I’ve done ink studies but not a painting yet. There is a skeleton at my college in the art class I practice drawing but I didn’t have access to him because I am out of town again. so I did a study from a book (I will put the reference here soon). I wish I could of spent more time on him.

Painted in Photoshop

Time spent: 30 minutes

Daily Painting # 5

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Daily Painting No.1 – Dragon attacks knight

dragon ready to devour

It’s been some time since I have updated my blog. I been so busy juggling work, going out of town, my art classes, and health issues with a member of my family. Granted I haven’t felt like updating much. However, I have been training intensely, trying to improve my skills. I am now a chronic sketcher, filling sketchbooks with abandon. I also been experimenting with traditional art media, such as watercolors, and india ink. However besides some studies, I haven’t really painted anything as of late besides a illustration that that has been driving me crazy for the last month. . I feel my drawing skills are at a descent enough foundation to start painting again. Because it IS important for me to paint on a regular basis, I have decided to start a ‘daily painting’. One painting everyday, of any subject or idea that I would find beneficial. I allocate about a hour for each painting. I will then upload the image to this blog and perform a self critique (If I have time to critique). Feel free to add any input if you wish. I attempted to do this a few times before but I failed because I made my criteria too strict and couldn’t think of anything. But now it could be anything to something out of my mind’s eye to a study of a master. It gives me more options and less excuses. my goal is a painting a day for a year.

For my first painting I imagined a dynamic scene with a dragon attacking a person. Drawing dragons is somewhat in my comfort zone. I will be more brave and branch out in the future. What I like of this painting is my use of chiaroscuro and the actual composition. I’m beginning to get a hold on my light rendering skills. The shadows need more work. I ran out of time to finish rendering the human and the dragon’s teeth. The stalagmites might be too distracting from the composition. When I drew the sketch I used a brite white line and then mistakenly painted on top of it instead of using a separate later , later I wasted time painting over them over and over to get rid of them. The human’s head might be too big. The cavern floor could definitely use some texture.

Medium: Adobe Photoshop

Time spent: 50 Minutes

Theme: Fantasy / Dragons

Daily Painting # 1

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Dragon Speedpaint plus warp tool fun

After struggling to draw Gina yesterday, I decided to take it easy and draw a dragon. experimented with the lasso tool in creating the silhouette. I wasn’t happy with it so I messed with the warp tool and made a totally different dragon I was happy with. the warp tool is fun. . Video in Real time, not sped up.

dragon speed painting of awesomeness

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Cruz 3d Model WIP (Both human and Cheetah)

anthro cheetah fursona

WIP 3D model for Cruz. The Cheetah version needs better textures as the ones being used are placeholders. Cruz is a cheetah due to my friend’s request. The human Cruz needs sandals instead of shoes. I should uv and texture the tail while I’m at it. I can see so many gags for a fat cheetah character. 😀

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Alec 3D model WIP (Both Human and Dragon)

alec human 3d model anthropomorphic dragon version

It’s been a while since I have worked on this project. Changed Alex’s name to Alec so it doesn’t get confused with another character I have made (Dean,Chris,Alex, and Alec.. Oh what will I name him next :D) . Did some tweaks on the 3d human model. The human model is most important as it will be used most of the time. Gave Alec more weight. Finished the dragon model of Alec. I switched it from a dragon to a alligator ( I gave up on the alligator model) and back again. There is no direct  connection in the storyline between the human and dragon versions of Alec. It’s more of a alternate dimension type thing that just gives me more opportunities for gags. The face of dragon Alec is much thicker and stubby then earlier versions and body is now more anthro then funny animal. I still need to model new pants and add shoe strings to the shoes. Ditched the hair on the dragon model and made him white for better readability. the dragon’s feet need some modifications to look more dragon like.