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Daily Painting No.94 – The Eel Salesman

anthro eel salesman

I am trying to loosen up and be more imaginative with my artwork. I’ve been too much in my comfort zone with Photoshop so for today’s painting i used a open source app called Krita so I would feel uncomfortable. Krita however is surprisingly similar to Photoshop in many ways. The only thing I haven’t figured out is setting up actions. About the painting. I had no sketch or idea ahead of time. I just scribbled around until something appeared. It’s a eel water salesman that wants to sell you artisan water ! However you only get 5 lives and if you want to play more you must give him money. He also owns the trademark to ‘water’.

45 minutes. Krita .

I’m having second thoughts about changing my daily painting project to a still life/ portrait academic thing. I am currently taking art classes at this time so I have plenty of ‘academic’ projects. So I am using my daily painting project to explore ideas and be more imaginative in my process. Effective So there are only two limitations I will put on my self : 1. I must spend at least 30 minutes on a painting and 2. It must be a new painting every day. I will see how this goes for about 30 paintings. I still have 271 paintings to go 0_0.

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Knots and Loose Ends (Illustration) (WIP)

dragon tied in knot dragon knot snake knot art artwork painting

Here is a WIP for a Album Cover I am working on. Featuring a serpent-dragon thing who has had the misfortune to accidentally tie himself up in a knot. It is relatively done, just needs some clean up in a few rough spots. I spent about 7 hours on it so far. Painted in Photoshop. Made some custom brushes for this painting. Let me know what you think 😀

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Dean and Jed 3d Models Progress so far.

animated dragon cartoon with unicorns unicorn jed anthro unicorn

I obsessively continue to work on my models for my web comic / animation project ‘Jed and Dean’. I exaggerated the body forms to be more cartoon like. I wanted them to look more like funny animals and less like petting zoo people,  so I removed the pants from the models and made the lower portion animal like (a common design for funny animals).  Made custom clothes for both characters, there is still some errors in the clothes but I will tweak them out eventually. Dean’s legs and hip need some tweaking. Jed’s collar needs minor repairs. I’ve also started two extra characters. Meho the gryphon and Maggie the dragon, they also need some more tweaking. Since realism is not what I’m aiming at, the models will mostly remain gradient shaded with few textures. Dean and Jed are are at a state where I can start making comics but I haven’t decided if I would be toon shading them (only if I can find a good shader), drawing by hand and using them as reference models, or just using them as-is. I also will do some animation experiments before event attempting a short.

Created in Carrara (figures, and accessories) , Hexagon (figures and clothing) and Daz Studio (posing and attaching clothing to figures, taking figures and morphing it into the model)

Time spent so far: Around 30+ hours.