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The Prince of the Cosmos – Katamari Damacy (Character Final)


The final character drawing I did for the CTNX portfolio. It is of the Prince in my own style. I’m a big fan of the Katamari Damacy games.

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The Prince of All Cosmos (Daily Doodle)


I am doing a experiment in which I  sketch popular video game characters (The prince in Katamari was popular. Unfortunately I dont think he is anymore) in my own mark.

Here is what the prince looks like in the games: http://katamari.wikia.com/wiki/Prince

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Katamari isn’t orginal after all.. (Daily Doodle 24)

katamari damacy wonderful end of the world

Alternate title : The Wonderful End of the World

When I play the Katamari series I feel like I am a dung beetle.. minus the dung part. For this piece I tried another rendering technique. I don’t think it worked for me this time, I will try it again. This is the last Katarmari fan art.. I promise.