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Leviathan Game – Completed Buildings and First Island WIP

Screenshot 2015-08-02 00.18.10

Although I haven’t been able to post for the past few days, I have been very busy on the Leviathan game. The two main buildings have been completed. I have the main layout completed for the island. Now what’s left is some polish. There still is some scripting and animation to do. I composed the game music which is more atmospheric then melodic.  I need to get it done by the 6th so I can submit it and promote it a little. It’s been a busy two weeks. I’m praying I can complete this by the deadline.

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Leviathan (Working Title) Monster AI

I finally wrote a monster AI script that I am happy with. The monster will slowly and quietly hunt the player. When the monster gets close enough it will sprint towards it pray. Since the player is unarmed,  he must run or die. In certain islands the player must stay alert so he isn’t ambushed by the creature. Currently the model is stock but I made a custom texture that is a WIP. Since I figured out how to import models into the engine, I will replace the model with a creature of my own design.

I will also programming in some code to make the monster teleport around the map, to will keep the player on his toes. I want to mention this game is NOT a horror game. It is an adventure game. The monster added an need element of danger and challenge. There will be NO cheep jump scares, the monster always gives the player a warning growl before going for the kill, giving an alert player time to escape. However, the monster could startle a player who is not paying attention to the warnings.

I will also program ‘safe spots’ that the monster will not pursue the player. These areas are where the puzzles are. This is needed because it would be very frustrating to get killed int the middle of a puzzle.

As a side note, the AI script was written in LUA. I honestly would use C# if I had a choice.

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Leviathan (Working Title) (PC game)

I came up with a working title for my little island exploration game: Leviathan. I’ve also changed the look of the game into a more retro fell. I need to make my game stand out. Spent half the day working on textures and modifying the prefabs. All textures are now made by me and it feels good.

I’ve spent a lot of time on these two Islands, I have decided turn this project into a small indie game. There is an indie game contest that I would like to submit to and I have only three weeks to complete it. So I would like to add at least one more island and then the puzzles are going to be scripted. The scripting is advanced enough that the engine can do what I need it to.