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Trickster Coyote (Monster 17)


The trickster coyote is a popular character in Native American lore. I was going to adorn him with a more traditional Native American outfit, but I didn’t have time to research it. I probably made the face a bit too cartoony. I still like how this study came out.

Painted in Artrage, time spent: 2 1/2 hours. Note: I know he’s technically not a ‘monster’ BUT is it a creature of myth so is kinda of counts 😀

art, Daily Doodle, daily painting, fantasy, monsters, myths

Minotaur (Monster 16)


For the second half of the monster painting project, I will be painting monsters from legends and myths, rather then creating them out of my imagination. This is a minotaur, the guardian of mazes. I wanted to give him a smug personality. It important  to go beyond design and think about the story of the character I’m still experimenting in Artrage, unfortunately it has slow me down a little but I think its worth learning to use because of how natural the brush look compared to Photoshop. masking/stensiling in Artrage is still a pain but I’m getting used to it.