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Still Life 1 -“Clip” Art (Daily Painting)

clip art har clippy

Clipper, 30 minutes, Photoshop with a wacom tablet. I have always seen faces in these things, resembles a frog with a large open mouth.

My 50 still life painting challenge starts today!. I will start with basic objects  (spheres, vases, liquor bottles) then work on more complex ones (rocks, sculptures, animal toys, dragon toys) as I approach the end.

Rules of my still life project:

1. I will start from scratch on a black canvas, no preliminary sketches or yesterday’s paintings

2. No less then 30 minutes. When the time is up I have a optional five minute ‘cool down’ time to clean the painting.

3. Only one object per painting.

4. I must have two lighting sources, A main local light from above, and a bounce light from below.


6.All paintings must be in color.

7. It must have a simple background with cast shadow

Why the rules. So I can stay focus on observation and not jump around.

I will also do comp studies as well, but not with this one. I’m lazy.

I also have my 3d dragon model project, but I will post my plans for that one at a later time


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Daily Painting NO.97 – Dragon Attacking Mage 2

dragon attacking mage angry wings dark powe mage casting spell background concept art sketch digital artwork

Refined and polished the dragon painting I did a couple days ago. Added details in the face, put some atmospheric perspective on the tail and person in the background. blended some messy lines. Cleaned the edges This painting can be pushed father, but I am some what pleased with it. Maybe in the future I will work on it some more. Worked 4 hours on this painting. Painted from scratch using Photoshop and a wacom tablet. Let me know what you think.