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Leviathan Game – Completed Buildings and First Island WIP

Screenshot 2015-08-02 00.18.10

Although I haven’t been able to post for the past few days, I have been very busy on the Leviathan game. The two main buildings have been completed. I have the main layout completed for the island. Now what’s left is some polish. There still is some scripting and animation to do. I composed the game music which is more atmospheric then melodic.  I need to get it done by the 6th so I can submit it and promote it a little. It’s been a busy two weeks. I’m praying I can complete this by the deadline.

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The Monster – Concept art for ‘Leviathan’ game (Monster 14) (WIP)


Concept art for the monster in my Leviathan game. Even though he will be floating in air, I wanted him to have a more ocean critter look.


As for the remaining 15 monsters, they will be put on hold until I finish the game for the contest (Deadline is the 28th) I need to do some concept art for the game.

To do list for game that must get done:
Design concepts for the remaining two Islands
Incorporate those designs into the levels in progress
Simplify the grass and tree textures
Design puzzles for each Island
Design the Artifact
Replace the Medieval house model
Create the Artifact model
Create the Monster model – Only a hovering animation is currently needed
If time permits: Attempt to replace any remaining stock models with ones of my creation

One island needs to completed. Puzzles, monsters and all. This is a more realistic goal. I want this short game to be as polished as possible.

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Leviathan (Working Title) Monster AI

I finally wrote a monster AI script that I am happy with. The monster will slowly and quietly hunt the player. When the monster gets close enough it will sprint towards it pray. Since the player is unarmed,  he must run or die. In certain islands the player must stay alert so he isn’t ambushed by the creature. Currently the model is stock but I made a custom texture that is a WIP. Since I figured out how to import models into the engine, I will replace the model with a creature of my own design.

I will also programming in some code to make the monster teleport around the map, to will keep the player on his toes. I want to mention this game is NOT a horror game. It is an adventure game. The monster added an need element of danger and challenge. There will be NO cheep jump scares, the monster always gives the player a warning growl before going for the kill, giving an alert player time to escape. However, the monster could startle a player who is not paying attention to the warnings.

I will also program ‘safe spots’ that the monster will not pursue the player. These areas are where the puzzles are. This is needed because it would be very frustrating to get killed int the middle of a puzzle.

As a side note, the AI script was written in LUA. I honestly would use C# if I had a choice.

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Evil Eye (Free Online Game you can play in your browser) (Physics Puzzler) V.1

evil eye shot title

Click on the Image above to play the game.

I have decided that before I program my epic RPG, I should do a few simpler games first. First up is ‘Evil Eye’. Guide the eye to the blue pad! The intinal release has 16 levels and can be compleated in 10 to 20 minutes depending on how good you are with puzzle games. Try to get the lowest score by blitzing the game. The lower the score the more epic you are. If people like this game I will continue working on it. I will ads more levels and a leaderboards with fastest times in the future.

Please note. This game has NO ads, in app purchases, or any other freemium bs.

This game will work in any browser, even mobile phones and tablets. Note: you need a phone with a decent size screen to play this. I would recommend playing on a computer or tablet.


16 Levels

Nice graphics

Timer for speedruns

Gravity based puzzles

Can play the game on any browser

evil eye shot 1

How to play: click on yellow shapes to destroy them. Do this to manipulate gravity and guide the eye to the blue panel.

Box2D was used in making this game.

Game Link : http://dragondean.altervista.org/games/evileye/

If you like the game PLEASE comment and like this page.