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My Rusty Argonian Mage


A sketch of the argonian character I play in TESO. The argonian is one of the races you can play in The Elder Scrolls. They are sentient humanoid reptiles that have more in common with an amphibians then lizards.

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Alien Thug (Daily Monster: 09 out of 30)


Sketch of an alien thug that would work well in a toony video game. I was happy that I was able to exaggerate the shapes but still make him look coherent. The image was sketched in mypaint.

art, artwork, daily painting, fan art, pokemon, reptiles, video games

Daily Paint 23 – Haxorus

Hexoruz pokemon monster

2 hours (Although I did get distracted as I was watching a movie at the same time).

Another pokemon. I appear to be fond of reptilian looking ones.I will have to figure out what to paint this week.  I want to do at least 1 still life.