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Yoshi riding Poochy + Yoshi’s Woolly World semi review

yoshi riding poochy

I did this sketch of the lovable green dinosaur Yoshi, and his sickeningly cute companion Poochy.  I didn’t have time to draw them as thread, unfortunately. My friend Cruz bought “Yoshi’s Woolly World’ the other day and wanted to play it, 8 hours later it was midnight and just starting the 5 world. That is when we collapsed. We finished the game in a couple hours the next day.

So what to do I think of it?

Its basically the same as Yoshi’s Island with a cool fabric / wool aesthetic similar to Kirby’s Epic Yarn. It is a platform game where you can swallow enemies and turn them into yarn to throw as projectiles.

You play as a Yoshi (it’s both a dino race and a singular character) trying to rescue the other yoshis that where kidnapped and turned into wool thread (don’t ask) by the evil koopa wizard Kemak.  I only played it in co-op so far.

Very little has changed from previous Yoshi Island games with the big exception that BABY MARIO IS NOT IN IT! THANK ARCEUS! In the earlier games, baby Mario rode on your back. If you got hurt, Mario would fly off your back, giving you 10 seconds to capture him. Instead of getting ten seconds to save a baby with the most ear wrenching cry ever before ‘dying’, you simply get a life bar.

The graphics are very impressive, the fabric look is just adorable, everything, including the enemies look the like something you would see at a craft fair.

It was truly a blast to play with my friend in CO-OP. Sometimes it was advantageous, other times he would accidentally swallow me and spit me out into a pit and then say opps :/. Since I am good with platform games I could help my friend, I could hold my friend in my mouth and get past the area he was having trouble with and spit him out. (that sentence sounded strange but we are both yoshis in the game and ‘friendly fire’ is enabled with no way of turning it off)

Now for the disappointing things: the boss battles are way too easy, in fact we only died once fighting the giant plant boss.  The camera also has a mind of it’s own.

The game itself is a bit on the easy side, however, the game clocks in around 12 hours if you blitz it which is a decent length for it’s kind. Not to mention all the secrets could add a few more hours to the length

I recommend it to platform and Yoshi fans

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Art Academy (DS) Tutorial Artwork and Review

These are the paintings I made the game. Paintings are in the order of each lesson. Your mileage may vary.

This is a most pleasant surprise, an art game that actually teaches you how to paint. While browsing my local Gamestop an old game called ‘Art Academy’ caught my eye. At first I scoffed at the thought that a Nintendo DS game could teach anyone how to paint but my curiosity got the best of me and I purchased it. I must say as an artist, am impressed with the game.

There are two glaring mistakes, the game teaching you to ‘chicken scratch’ your lines (Always draw your lines long, bold, and with confidence) and the over use of pure white in a couple paintings, However; as a whole it is a well made teaching tool.

The game has 10 main lessons and 10 practice lessons. In the main lessons you follow the instructions step by step to create the images. Art theory and art history is discussed during the lessons giving you the understanding what you’re doing and how to apply it. If you ever wanted to learn how to paint and you own a DS or 3DS I would recommend this.The game’s length is around 10 to 15 depending on your confidence. It might not make you a Rembrandt after completing the course but It will give you a confident foundation to build upon if you want to pursue painting.

If your already an artist, it would basically be a refresher course of the foundations. It’s around $10 used. Cheaper then most art books. 7 out of 10.

I just found the 3DS sequel. I will write a review when I finish the game.

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Daily Painting No.45 – Smaug-Like Dragon + Hobbit: DOS mini review

smaug like dragon hobbit film peter jackson benidict cumberbach

OK. after watching the second hobbit movie, I really wanted to draw Smaug. I like to draw dragons: I.. Bet.. you.. could.. never.. tell.. that 🙂 I to my surprise I couldn’t find any screenshot or promotional images of Cumberbatch’s alter-ego, with the exception of part of his snout in a trailer. So I did my best to paint what I remembered. It’s probably very inaccurate, but that’s all I can remember at this moment. That’s why I labeled it smaug-like. Critique or comment if you would like to.

It took a hour and ten minutes to get this far in the painting.

On to the mini-review *has minor spoilers*

I must admit I enjoyed the second film far more then the first movie. It was a faster pace. In fact, being almost 3 hours, it felt like it just blitzed by. The Hobbit introduced interesting characters that are not in the book but make the movie far more enjoyable. It also develops the character ‘Bard’ who appears to me as Peter Jackson’s answer to Aragon. Peter upped the fighting scenes to 11, sometimes to the point of pure silliness, such as Legolas playing ‘Frogger’ with the dwarves in the wine barrel river raft scene. Like in the LOTR movies, Legolas is always in ‘god mode’ throughout the movie which caused me to roll my eyes many times. As I mentioned the film deviates far from the book, this is Peter Jackson at his most indulgent.

The VFX are incredibly well done, especially the spider scene, and the battle with Smaug, which takes a good 20-30 minutes in itself. Although Smaug is probably the best 3d rendered dragon I have seen in a film, his design is surprisingly generic, and follows the ‘wyvren’ style dragon that is so popular of late. He looks like he belongs in the world of Skyrim rather then middle earth. My only major complaint is the ‘cliffhanger’ ending. The movie concludes at the most awkward moment. It’s ‘Matrix Reloaded’ style bad. It’s truly feel’s like a cash grab ending. I would still recommend seeing it just to watch the interaction between Smaug and Bilbo. Oh.. and the bird-poop wizard Ratagast is in the film for no apparent reason.  I am still not convinced that a 300 page book needed three films filled with filler (say that three times as fast :D). Why Peter? Why?

2.99987 out of 4 arkenstones

Update: cleaned up and added some stuff I forgot to mention in the review.

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I posted a video review on youtube… and it got 4600 views?!

Update 12-13-2012: It’s now at 18,000 views. I don’t know if Big Lots even sells this tablet any more. I fascinated why this video is so popular. If i knew it was going to beview this many times, I would of put more effort into the video and used a tripod. Oh well.

The internet is a totally random place. Two weeks ago I bought a low-end android tablet at big lots for a steal. I notice that there was no info on the net  and no reviews on youtube and decided, what the heck, i will post a short video review on the tablet. My FIRST VIDEO REVIEW EVER! Two weeks later I have 5 subscribers, 40 comments, and 4600 views. I did nothing to promote this video. Zero, Nada, Zip. I got a wide variety of comments ranging from, “great review, thanks for the help” to support questions like “How do I install Google Play?” i even got my first negative comment telling me that my voice was too “too monotone and boring” and that I should “practice in a mirror”.   I wish I could get my art this much attention.

I really cant fathom why my review video has received so much attention. I uploaded a few more reviews a didn’t get more then 60 views each. So I guess I just got lucky and filled a need in the Youtube videosphere that was empty at that time. I will do more reviews for a while, but i question if I will have the same reception as I did with my first review.

Here is the video if your interested in watching: