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Select Studies for ‘Message to the Sea’ Drawing

Out of the 6 studies and 50 thumbnails I did for my drawing, these two are my best.

For the eel drawing i used a photo from Wikipedia as a reference. The time it took to draw: 30 minutes

For the sea monster, I drew it from my imagination. I did about 9 variations  and picked the one I though was the best to refine. Time Spent: 2 hours

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Silly Sea Monster (Daily Doodle 8)

sea monster with two heads one on rear

For this doodle I started on a black canvas. I approached it like a scratchboard. I feel at a loss with this doodle, I don’t know if it is the exhaustion of finals or that I forgot to do thumbnails but.. I’m very unhappy with today’s doodle. Time spent 40 minutes.  I think I’m going to crash into bed.

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Daily Painting No. 61 – Alexis and the Sea Monster (Super duper rough edition)

sea mosnter attack couple

I am so tired I just couldn’t paint for long. I mad the mistake to start painting late again. In it’s current state a doodle for my story project Alexis. I didn’t get as far. I didn’t even get to render the water. 50 Minutes, Painted from scratch in Photoshop on a walcom tablet. Btw my first chapter with accompany illustration will be uploaded tomorrow.

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Monstrous squid attacking two sea divers

monstourious squid attacking two divers underwater

When I started this painting, the central character was something totally different and the setting was in Egypt. I wasn’t satisfied so I continued to change the image to a underwater scene with a vicious squid. It was fun to draw the details. Apparently they *Almost* made it to the surface..

Title: Monstrous Squid Attacking Two Sea Divers
Copyright 2013 Maugryph
Tools Used: Photoshop
Time Taken: 4 hours