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The Dragon Princess – Storyboard

dragon comic story humor woman tf dragon curse saved by night dragon knight relationship

This was my storyboard assignment. The goal of the assignment was to tell the story with no dialog. Pictures only. And I was limited to ONLY 10 PANELS!  The story is somewhat based on a Welsh fairy tale with a twist. I am curious how you interpret this storyboard /comic. If you have the time, tell me what you think it the narrative is. :). I noticed there is a fine line between sequential art and storyboarding. Using a fixed picture frame and seeing the picture frame as the eye of the camera takes away the complexity of panel layout and design and helps me just worry about what is important… The narrative. I will be performing a test run of ‘storyboarding’ my Alexis Hawkenstone story. Since I am such messy writer. The visual aspect of storyboarding/comics might be a better fit for my story.

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Daily Painting No.79 – ‘Lord of the Rings’ Scene Study

lotr storyboards comp study practice

This was a assignment for my storyboard class. It was to study a scene from a movie. I chose the final part of Gandalf’s battle with Saruman in the first film. I really enjoyed this project, it was kinda like comp studies in a way. Each study took about 5 to 10 minutes. Obviously the LOTR movie was my reference. 2 hours total. Painted in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. I will be returning to my still life paintings (the ones with cool things like rocks and dinosaurs) on Mondays. On Fridays I might start a draw 100 something project. Draw a 100 in just one day. I might start out with  dragons because I find myself just drawing variations of my ‘Alex’ dragon(ear frills, a mandible horn, 2 asymmetric back horns, fins on the back, and a dewlap). I need spice up my dragons and not get stuck in a ‘style’. Or I might draw horses. Horses rock. Tough call. Another cool project I am considering is a ‘Draw yourself as a 100 things’. It could be a car, a animal, a dragon, a plant, whatever you like but it would have to be a 100 different things. It would be a challenging exercise. How would draw yourself as a car and still make it feel like it’s you? I would love to get a bunch of artists on wordpress doing it as well for a week. I think it would be sweet.